Learning about Myself in Ceramics

What is the best class I’ve taken so far at George School? I honestly struggle to pick just one. A class that definitely stands out to me though is Ceramics. Before I came to George School, I had never taken a ceramics course, let alone had so many art course options to choose from. I knew I did not want to take another drawing course so I decided to take a risk and try something new. I figured if it worked out, my mom would be getting a whole new kitchen set, and if not, there are plenty of other art courses.

Within the first week, I knew this was the art course for me. Getting on the wheel was the most fun thing to do. I loved it. After just one term of my first year of ceramics, I remember I came home with 27 pieces and we were only required to make 9.

Over the years, not only did I develop a passion for my ceramics courses themselves, but I developed one of the strongest relationships with my teacher, Amedeo. Amedeo has helped me find my utmost creative self. His dynamic for the class involves almost no limits and few pieces are due during each term. We’re encouraged to spend much time discovering our capabilities and authenticity. He not only aims to educate his students about the wonders of clay, but he also builds connections with us and engages to make our classes lively. I can say without a doubt that I’ve never laughed or smiled so much in any other course I’ve taken.

At one point, this class was all I looked forward to from the moment I woke up. My definition of the perfect class and teacher is exactly represented by Amedeo and his course. I absolutely love it. My favorite lesson I’ve learned is how to make face mugs. We were taught how to make mugs and sculpt faces on them which was new, interesting, and fun.

I’ve also learned from the course itself is that art has zero limits. For me, the more I tried to make my pieces symmetrical and “perfect,” the more I displayed everything but me. Being a perfectionist, if my pieces did not meet my standards, I put them into the donation box. I lost a ton of pieces to the donation box. But eventually, I started loving my imperfect pieces and found beauty in all of my work.

As a senior, ceramics class is one of the things I’m going to miss most when I leave for university—spending plenty of my lunches in the ceramics studio, making countless pieces to add to my mom’s clutter, and learning about myself through my artistic expression.

Skylar is a day student from Bensalem, Pennsylvania and lead tour guide.

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