Learning in a Pandemic

This semester I am attending classes as a remote-learning student due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes I am not able to access Google or Zoom due to the lag in our VPN service. I was very worried about being disconnected from a Zoom class because I knew it would significantly affect my learning experience. When that happened and I reconnected, I had no idea what the teacher talked about during the period of time that I missed. However, all of my teachers are so kind! They not only answered my questions both inside and outside of class time, but they also recorded the class sessions so that I could watch them at a later time. It greatly improved my learning experience and reduced my stress!

Another way our teachers are helping students is by asking everyone how they feel each day. In my holistic health class, for example, my teacher always spends time talking one-on-one with anyone who feels negative in the breakout room. Her classes are always full of joy and I feel so much better after chatting with her.

Wilson Chen ’23 is a boarding student from Nanjing China.

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