Learning to Think Critically

George School has provided me with a strong foundation to achieve future success. Academically, George has taught me how to think critically. When I’m presented with a problem, I’m confident that I can analyze and resolve it. Taking challenging courses helped me develop strong study habits and better organize my thoughts and ideas. My teachers, especially those in AP and IB classes, were very accessible and giving of their time, which set an excellent example of how to treat others kindly and patiently. Moreover, I learned that setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow and should be appreciated as much as successes.

Although the college process can be stressful, my college counselor made it a fun and enjoyable experience. Weekly meetings helped me prepare for writing essays and feeling comfortable in interviews. I’m very appreciative of my college counselor because she helped me navigate through previously unfamiliar territory.

Socially, I loved the diverse community at George School and learning about different cultures from students from all over the world. I became friendly with many of these students while maintaining close relationships with students from the area. I learned the importance of community, locally and globally. Looking ahead, I’m excited about the opportunities I’ll have and the challenges I’ll face.

Daniel is a day student from New Hope Pennsylvania and a tour guide.


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