New Great Reads for April

Ellen Labrecque shares new great reads available in the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library.

Made in China
by Amelia Pang

“Through extensive interviews and firsthand reportage, Amelia Pang shows us the true cost of America’s cheap goods and shares what is ultimately a call to action—urging us to ask more questions and demand more answers from the companies we patronize.” (Amazon)



The Plague Cycle
by Charles Kenny

“Written as colorful history, The Plague Cycle reveals the relationship between civilization, globalization, prosperity, and infectious disease over the past five millennia. It harnesses history, economics, and public health, and charts humanity’s remarkable progress, providing a fascinating and timely look at the cyclical nature of infectious disease.” (Amazon)


Girls with Bright Futures
by Tracy Dobmeier and Wendy Katzman

“The perfect book club read with a suspense bite, Girls with Bright Futures combines the college admissions scandal with the edge of Big Little Lies, the snark of Class Mom, and the schadenfreude of watching the elite implode.” (Amazon)



Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
By Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite

“Alaine Beauparlant has heard about Haiti all her life… But the stories were always passed down from her dad―and her mom, when she wasn’t too busy with her high-profile newscaster gig. But when Alaine’s life goes a bit sideways, it’s time to finally visit Haiti herself. What she learns about Haiti’s proud history as the world’s first black republic (with its even prouder people) is one thing, but what she learns about her own family is another. Suddenly, the secrets Alaine’s mom has been keeping, including a family curse that has spanned generations, can no longer be avoided.” (Amazon)

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