Summer @ George School: Summer Academy

The George School Summer Academy offers a variety of enrichment courses to help students extend their knowledge and build on their skills in a personalized and fun environment. This program should not be confused with “summer school” as these classes are meant to provide a stress-free learning environment where students can explore at their own pace with the support of our skilled faculty. These courses were chosen and created in response to expressed areas of interest by students and parents and available in different formats to fit different summer needs. The program includes both high school and middle school offerings with courses developed to meet the needs of learners academically and developmentally.

The high school offerings include a range of courses in multiple disciplines and will include courses taught online, in-person, and a hybrid setup. The writing workshop course is meant to help students hone their writing skills and work on differentiating their writing to various styles. The screenwriting class is a creative take where students will develop their own script and learn the differences in this unique style of writing. The public health class will explore the role of public health initiatives and policy— helping students to understand the current state of our health system. Introduction to neurology will give a brief peek into the world of the brain, its structures, functions, and unexpected consequences of damage. In robotics, students will learn to build and code their own robots. While in coding, students will learn the basics of computer programming to create their own game and simulation. Importantly, an SAT preparation course will help students prepare for the August 2021 administration of the SAT. This course is taught by a test preparation specialist and shares strategies to tackle the unique challenges of the SAT.

Middle school courses are offered largely in-person and focus on both skill building for high school and areas of interest. Math enrichment courses will help students solidify their math skills and build connections to prepare them for further level courses. Writing workshops and public speaking will help students find their voice, both on paper and aloud. Robotics and coding will provide introductory level courses where students will build their own robots with multi-functionality and learn the basics of computer programming through interactive projects. These courses are scheduled in a way to facilitate half-day programs for students with varied interests.

We are very excited about our offerings this year at George School Summer Academy and look forward to bringing more students onto our beautiful campus (both in-person and virtually) this summer.

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