The Club Scene at George School

How can students make a lasting impression on a school that’s been around for over 125 years? What are ways that you can connect with your peers who come from all over the world? How can you learn more about your interests, and engage with like-minded faculty and students within George School? Well, the answer is simple: student clubs!

Throughout my four years at George School, I’ve come to love the club scene. There are so many different groups where my peers and faculty friends can come together and laugh, relax and learn together.

During my junior year, my friends and I started our own podcasting club. We set up a plan for marketing and asked our amazing film teacher Scott Seraydarian ’90 to help us with production.

Setting up a club was a piece of cake, all we had to do was present Student Council with our idea and show how many fellow Cougars were interested in joining. Since then, we’ve had so many friends, alumni, faculty members, and even guest speakers swing by our recording studio to create media that has drawn hundreds of listeners.

From commentating from the courtside of George School playoff basketball games or meeting with our science teachers about the importance of climate change, we’ve been able to create great podcasts, and have had a lot of fun in the process. If you’re interested in listening, check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube by searching “The Salted Tree Podcast.”

Ben is a boarding student from Turnersville New Jersey and a lead tour guide.

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