Unwavering Support During the Pandemic

George School is a caring and supportive community. When the coronavirus outbreak occurred, the school allowed all the students to remain on campus, for as long as we needed. The faculty and staff devoted their summer holiday to make sure that all of the students had both physical and mental support.

When George School had to close in March 2020, the faculty quickly adjusted to remote learning to ensure students’ safety and guarantee their academic progress. Even though we had time differences or other learning obstacles, teachers were in full support to arrange specific one-on-one consultation time or even hold additional classes for students in different time zones. For example in my AP Language and Composition class, we were asked to write a research paper during winter break. My teacher helped me proofread my paper and scheduled one-on-one evaluation meetings, accommodating my time.

I know George School will always be there for me and will back me up and help me overcome any difficulties.

Cindy is a boarding student from Beijing China, a tour guide, and a member of the Student Activities Board.

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