We are George School

A Message from Sam Houser

While we may not be physically together in Meeting for Worship, in assemblies, on the playing fields, in the shop, in the rituals of the dorms at night, we are still George School. While we may not have the physical closeness we had, we are emotionally connected and will remain so. We will have 20-30 international students on campus for the start of the spring term, and we will have about 520 more around the world, learning online, relying in new ways on our staff, and recreating in the durable miracle of George School.

An opportunity accompanies our loss—to show each other and the world what we are made of, and how to foster something special and valuable in the circumstances we confront. We get to create a different kind of community that privileges the same things we value in person—the intellectual development of a new generation of young adults; and their spiritual and personal growth. In that, we are still here to help and support each other under the press of public health restrictions. This work demands that we be brave, creative, curious, tenacious, faithful and humble, the very things we want our students to be and become.

Throughout the spring, let us reflect on what it means for George School to be a religious institution—specifically, a Quaker school. We are called to live and work by the Quaker testimonies, and to set our own preoccupations, wishes, conveniences, and even our anxieties aside for a greater good, a higher calling. The field of that calling is education, and the reason for that calling is our students.

In Friendship,

Sam Houser

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