Westwood Dorm Wins Green Cup Challenge

Westwood prefects, Min Nam ’18, Alyssa Malerman ’18, and Samaya Mayes ’18 were presented the Green Cup by Gloria Denoon and Becky Hutchins on Friday, May 11, 2018. Not pictured is Duffy ’18.

George School is pleased to announce that the freshmen girls’ dorm, Westwood, is the winner of this year’s Green Cup Challenge. Westwood residents decreased energy usage by 22 and a half percent.

“We encouraged our dorm to do things like shower with the lights off and unplug the washer,” said Duffy ’18. “We turned off all the lights when we weren’t in the rooms and unplugged things we weren’t using.”

Overall, the school saw a 19 percent reduction in electricity usage in the nine participating buildings throughout the competition. The competition raised awareness about electricity usage across campus, with several students having asked for the electricity usage data to use for their academic assignments.

“The average US household consumes about 900 kWh,” said Becky Hutchins, environmental science teacher. “As a whole, we saved enough electricity to power almost eleven households for a month.”

As the winning dorm, Westwood residents will be treated to a special party later this month.

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