Anna Moschovakis Joins Argo Staff for Zoom Workshop

Accomplished Writer Anna Moschovakis recently joined the Argo staff via Zoom for writing workshop. Anna is not only a writer but a translator, as well, with a great love for language.  

Rhianna Searle ’23, a current Argo editor, said, “It was really interesting to spend time with someone whose actual job is being a poet, editing, and translating. It was cool to see that my interests of writing and editing could be something that someone pursues in the real world outside of high school. 

“Anna told us about how she edits and publishes pamphlets and other nontraditional forms of literature and art, in addition to traditional books,” Rhianna shared. She also told us about her experiences translating and how she and some others created a space for artists and activists to convene where she lives in New York. 

Anna is the author of four poetry collections, including the James Laughlin award-winning You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lakeas well as many Chapbooks. She has also published the novel Eleanor, or, The Rejection of the Progress of Love. She is a longtime member of the publishing collective Ugly Duckling Presse and co-founder of Bushel, an art and community space. She has taught in graduate writing programs at Pratt, Bard, and Columbia. 

Amidst the pandemic, the George School community is continuing to work hard to make sure students receive the best education and experience possible. Anna brought an exciting and impressive perspective to the Argo staff that will not soon be forgotten. 

Read more about Anna and her impressive portfolio on her website. 

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