Beyond George School

A George School education will teach you how to think more critically, independently, deeply, and globally than you ever have before. You will develop these high-level skills and expanded worldview in all our classrooms—including IB courses—and outside them, too. You may have a life-changing experience on a service-learning opportunity in Philadelphia or Rwanda. You’ll definitely have life-changing relationships with your fellow students, who come from vastly different hometowns and walks of life.

The skills you develop at George School will not only get you noticed by top colleges and universities, but will help you flourish when you get there, as well as in the career(s) that follow. Our College Counseling Office will help you find the right college—one that will challenge and fulfill you as much as George School will.

When you leave here, you will be supremely well prepared. Taking a loaded toolbox of skills and a broadened perspective (and mind), you’ll join generations of George School graduates who go on to bright, successful, and engaged futures.

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