Meet Our Admission Team

Here in the Admission Office, we love helping prospective students and their families get to know George School and discover whether the school—and our community—is right for them.

We are ready to answer questions about the application process, financial aid, and scholarships, or anything about life on campus because, in addition to our roles in Admission, we are teachers, coaches, advisors, club leaders, dorm residents, and George School parents. Just send us an email or give us a call.

To send an email to one of the individuals listed below, add “georgeschool.org” after the @ symbol.

General Admission Email

Kim Major (2016)
Director of Admission
BS Cornell University

“As a graduate of an independent middle school and a boarding school, I have come to value and cherish the power of independent school education on a personal and professional level. At George School, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of students, staff, and faculty, as well as the love and pride that is evident for the school among all I meet.”

Kelliann Carroll (2020)
Associate Director of Admission
BS Northeastern University
MSEd University of Pennsylvania

“I am thrilled to be part of the George School community! As an IB Diploma holder, I have a deep appreciation for the IB program. What I love about George School is that the mission of the IB directly aligns with our mission as a school, so that our students get the same robust experience whether or not they complete the full IB program. We strive to help our students become globally-minded, inquisitive, empathetic learners who think outside the box. I consider it a true privilege to work with so many great students!”

Cat Cusma ’18 (2022)
Admission Intern
BA Loyola University Maryland

“I am so glad to have the opportunity to be welcomed back to George School as an intern! GS has taught me so much both in and out of the classroom and has given me a real-world perspective on caring for the light within myself and others. I’m excited to share my experience with prospective students and their families!”

Colby Langweiler (2018)
Associate Director of Admission
BA West Chester University of Pennsylvania
MA University of Connecticut

“George School is a place where individualism is celebrated, where students are encouraged to define for themselves exactly who they want to be and to craft their own unique path to get there. I love working in Admission at George School because we get to meet students from all over the country and the world who want to challenge themselves and others to make the world a better place.”

Cindy Law (1990)
Enrollment and Financial Aid Coordinator

“I have been at George School since 1990, and I am ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding the financial aid or application processes. I have been fortunate enough to have my children graduate from here. Having witnessed them blossom into caring adults, I know what a truly special place George School is. The academics more than prepared them for college, but what was most impactful was their teachers challenging them to open their minds and think outside the box.”

Chris Lucas (2021)
Admission Data and Administrative Coordinator
BA Providence College

“George School is unique in that students are given the opportunity to actively participate in their own education. Students are encouraged to find their authentic voices in an atmosphere of mutual respect, academic rigor, and diversity. The energy here is palpable and makes coming to work an enriching and rewarding experience!”

Mike Murray (2019)
Associate Director of Admission and Director of Financial Aid
BA, MA St. Bonaventure University

“George School is the most inclusive, kind, and diverse academic institution that I have ever been a part of. Within this community, faculty and staff do such a wonderful job of encouraging students to find their identity, pursue their interests, and let their lives speak genuinely. Our students are sincere in their passion for George School and consistently remind me how lucky I am to call this beautiful campus my professional home.”

Jordan Page (2021)
Assistant Director of Admission
BS Rowan University

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, and community have always been essential in my life. Stepping on to George School campus I instantly felt at home and excited about the opportunity. I believe the world is forever changing and evolving, but we must continue to be at the forefront of that change. Students at George School are exposed to a global learning experience where they feel seen and heard. I am a firm believer in Independent Schools as a graduate of one I’ve always wanted to pour back into the community. We learn and grow with students together in an effort to lift as we climb. To say the least, this is a great place to be for an overall unique academic, athletic, and community experience.”

Deborah Soufleris (2016)
Visit and Outreach Coordinator
BS Immaculata College

“Learning and growth take place when young people are taught how to ask questions and be active participants in the quest for more understanding and knowledge. The excitement I feel from the students is noticeable, and my workday is enhanced just by having them here. The students are happy, and it really brings a smile to my face every day they are here.”

Bez Wallace (2021)
Assistant Director of Admission for Multicultural Recruitment and Outreach
BA Southern New Hampshire University
AA Bucks County Community College

“George School is a warm and welcoming community that has embraced me and my family with open arms. The foundation of Quaker tradition is a significant and impactful component that makes this place surprisingly special. GS creates an environment that encourages engagement, reinforces the importance of reflection, and celebrates cultural diversity. As an admission officer, I am excited to learn and share all the wonderful things George School has to offer, while also witnessing the discovery and growth of these incredible students.”

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