A Click Away: Cougar Crazies

Quakers value, among other things, reflection and silence. So it might come as a surprise that we value shouting as well—at the right place, at the right time. Our fans, or Cougar Crazies as they are affectionately called, are notorious for their omnipresent, high decibel energy at sporting events. You’ll find that Quakers—despite being quiet and collaborative—can also be downright loud and outright competitive.

Read more about the origin of the Cougar Crazies.

compendium-cougar-crazies-AsaBrookerAsa Brooker ’12 
Bronx, New York
Football, Basketball, Baseball

“Cougar Crazies are the real fans. They always shout their heads off. I love hearing them when I run.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-AliceCroomAlice Croom ’15
Levittown, Pennsylvania
Cheerleading, Swimming

“When people are cheering for the team or cheering your name…it just gives you that extra push. Everyone is your friend.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-TaylorDentonTaylor Denton ’12
Yardley, Pennsylvania

“Everyone just feeds off each other’s energy. It’s nice to have fans there to support you and it really helps the players.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-ChrissyHaneyChrissy Haney ’12
Buffalo, New York
Soccer, Track

“They bring high intensity, like really big energy, and they basically help us win the game.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-JacquelineJonesJacqueline Jones ’13
West Bristol, Pennsylvania
Soccer, Track

“It’s just this massive green and white mob that cheers you on. It must be intimidating for our opponents.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-ChrisMayChris May ’13
Taipei, Taiwan
Football, Basketball, Baseball

“We definitely make a big difference and we feel like we are actually a big part of the game.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-YenAnhNguyenYen Anh Nguyen ’13
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tennis, Basketball, Lacrosse

“All my friends and my teachers and everybody were there [at my game], cheering me on.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-DrewPedersenDrew Pedersen ’12
Far Hills, New Jersey
Physical Education

“It’s kind of like a support system. Everyone comes to watch their friends participate in sports.”

compendium-cougar-crazies-DesiSmithDesi Smith ’13
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania
Football, Track

“Cougar Crazies go absolutely wild…nothing holds them back from cheering on their team and helping them get to a victory.”

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