Artist's Statement: Jō Adachi

“I consider myself a figurative painter and my choice of medium is typically oil painting. However, in recent years I have been inspired by my students. Throughout the year, my students explore various new media. This collection of small paintings represents my exploration and experimentation with the medium of watercolor. The first piece of the exhibition begins with a sheet of watercolor paper taped on a masonite board. This board was used in the art studio classroom for several demonstrations. The various images represent several arrangements for working with students. The works that follow are portraits of faculty companions and a random pigeon I named Bob.”

Jō earned his Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Notre Dame. He has exhibited in a wide range of venues such as the South Bend Regional Museum of Art in Indiana and the Queens Museum of Art in New York City. Learn more about Jō and his artwork.

Works by Jō Adachi

Untitled demonstrations from class
"Untitled: demonstrations from class," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Sushi," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Bob," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Isaac," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Sushi," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Bugsy," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Maisy," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Rex," Artist: Jō Adachi
"Scarlet," Artist: Jō Adachi