Artist's Statement: Susan Ross

For two out of the last three years I have been privileged to co-chaperone trips to China with my husband and a group of student ambassadors for several weeks during the summer. Some of the best times were spent on foot as we moved from one event to another, especially off of any main thoroughfares. Often the enormity of living for several weeks in an area of the world that has the largest concentration of people was overwhelming. On one level it seemed so chaotic, yet on another, everyone seemed to be moving with driven purpose. Possibilities for photos existed everywhere and in every moment.

On one of many busy days, our guides took us off the beaten path through a neighborhood. Instead of worrying about keeping up, I was able to slow down and focus in that moment as I zigzagged along narrow pathways that were often vacant of people, quiet and well kept. Immediately, I was drawn to the thoughtful nature of how the residents adorned the front of their homes. The afternoon was hot and sunny, and the light played against the houses’ structures producing deep saturated colors. The color pulled me in and as I lingered in front of the doorways, I noticed the simple, geometric design of the doorways and how the light interacted with those lines and shapes.

I am grateful for the experiences I had in that moment. I was led to that experience, but as an artist I let myself openly explore and discover. This was just one of many unique moments that I responded to with my mind, heart and camera.

Works By Susan Ross

Artist: Susan Ross
Artist: Susan Ross