Student-Centered College Counseling

The mission of our College Counseling Office is to help you find a college that is right for you. It is a student-centered process, grounded in self-reflection. Our experienced and knowledgeable college counselors have all worked in selective college admission offices and will help you and your family navigate the ever-changing world of higher education.

Our curriculum begins in your first year when you start to build a relationship with the College Counseling Office and you and your family have a subscription to our college search and planning software. Over your four years at George School, you will attend a series of workshops and seminars that will help you navigate all the components of the application process–from completing the application and writing your essay to developing test-taking strategies and applying for scholarships and financial aid.

College Counseling at George School

George School students share their personal experiences with their college counselors as they crafted an intentional college list, organized their applications, and identified where their future aspirations would be fulfilled.

The College Counseling team helps you in your curriculum planning freshman and sophomore years–they know what selective colleges and universities want to see. In sophomore year, you begin to consider college options and you attend the college fairs hosted by George School in addition to the sophomore-focused seminars and workshops.

As you move into your junior year, you begin your one-on-one meetings with your personal counselor, participate in the junior seminars and workshops, attend our annual college fair to expand your list of colleges that match your interests, and begin your college essay writing.

Finding the Right College for You

Our goal is for you and your family to feel informed and confident so that you will let your life speak through your college process.

In your senior year, you should be well prepared. Your counselor reviews your list of colleges and universities, checks over your entire application, and helps you through that last few hurdles of the college process. Applying for financial aid or looking for an athletic or other special scholarship? Your counselor can help there too.

Our college counseling seminar series serves as a framework for these conversations throughout your junior year. As you move into your senior year, you will work with your college counselor to craft an intentional college list, organize your applications, and identify where your future aspirations will be fulfilled.

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