A Click Away: Campus Life

High school years are important years—“formative years” people call them. At George School, you will invent yourself. And reinvent yourself. You’ll join intriguing clubs (or even start one.) Have adventures on the weekends. And learn to live in a dorm with roommates. You’ll do all of this in a lovely place with cherry trees, robotics classes, and live music.

Clubs. George School students have a lot in common. They are lively, academic, and sometimes a little quirky. It’s no surprise that they have created a lot of clubs and organizations here.

Weekend Activities. Each weekend, events at George School take on a theme. Whether it’s Harvest Weekend or Food & Fun Weekend, Sibling Weekend, Spring Outdoor Weekend, or even Study Weekend, it might mean things get crazier or actually slow down a bit.

Residential Life. Dorm life is easy but hard. Fun but work. You have hi-jinks and pillow fights then you study trig and speak Latin.

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