Welcome to the Learning Center

All students need a little extra help sometimes. The Learning Center at George School offers a wide-range of services that promote each person’s ability to achieve excellence. We do this by offering individualized support for homework strategies, organization methods, study skills, test preparation, and time management.

While some students are assigned to the Learning Center during their free periods, it is open to all students. Contact learningcenter@georgeschool.org if you would like to schedule an appointment in the Learning Center.

Learning Center

Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(Additional hours by appointment)

Support is also available in the Waghorne Academic Study Hub (WASH), a suite of services that include peer tutoring, Math Help, and the Writing Center. Located on the second floor of the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library on the George School campus, students can visit the Waghorne Academic Study Hub in the evenings (Monday through Thursday) and work with peer mentors and subject-specialist faculty.

If you need special accommodations like extra time with tests or audio books, you’ll work with our Director of Learning Services to put these supports in place. You’ll have to be evaluated to be sure you’re eligible and to help us understand how best to help you, but our director of learning services will work closely with your teachers to implement the accommodations.