AP at George School

The Advanced Placement program lets you stick your toe in university waters. At George School, AP courses range from computer science to studio art. And it’s all hands-on, minds-on, real-world stuff. In AP Calculus, you solve problems, not because you’ve been explicitly shown how, but because you’ve learned to think like a mathematician and figured it out. In AP Biology, the tools that teach you about hearts and lungs and livers smell of formaldehyde, not printer’s ink. Your photography course gives you more than a grade. It gives you a portfolio.

All this means you’ll be ahead of the game when you really get to college. You’ll know how to study better, research better, think better. And since many colleges and universities give you credit for AP courses, you’ll have some of your prerequisites out of the way, giving you time and energy to delve deeper into electives.

AP courses also help you in the increasingly competitive college admission process. Taking them shows that you’re curious, motivated and hardworking—characteristics colleges look for, characteristics that will give you a leg up.

Our Alumni

Aubrey learned from a discussion-based classroom to become a stronger writer.