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May 2023 Issue

Cultivating Human Connection Through Service Learning

Through two service projects while at George School, Whitney Wilkerson ’95 learned the power of human connectedness, and later created the Gateway Fund to create opportunities for George School students to find meaningful experience through service.

The Power of Storytelling

Franklyn Yadaicela ’23 returned from a service learning trip in Athens, Greece this fall. The trip allowed Franklyn and his peers to learn, firsthand, the day-to-day challenges of the refugees, and had a worldview altering experience.

April 2023 Issue

Learning through Profit and Loss: Entrepreneurship at George School

Heather Mooney teaches the new entrepreneurship course that was made possible by the Signature Academic Program implemented this year. Heather is excited to teach a hands-on course that gives students an opportunity to put theory into practice by starting their own businesses.

Building Businesses with a Love for Learning

George School Trustee Peter Vari p ’96, ’08 got his taste for innovation in the 1960s when, as a 14-year-old boy in Soviet-influenced Hungary, he stumbled upon a TV show that introduced him to a love for learning on which he built his life-long career in entrepreneurship.

March 2023 Issue

A Lifetime of Food Adventures

As Director of Student Activities, Shari Rossmann appreciates that students are strongly connected with their home foods, and draws on her own experiences to encourage, teach, and enable students to share these connections.

Food as a Connector

As an author, food stylist, culinary judge, and TV personality, Maureen Petrosky P ’23, ’23 seeks to teach people how—simply—they can build a beautiful life around food.

February 2023 Issue

The GS Student Media Team Takes the Shot

Scholar-athletes are hitting the courts, fields, and track ready to bring home Cougar wins for George School. Three student leaders—Max Forstein ’23, Ria Paladugu ’23, and Emmett Schmucker ’23—are at the ready to capture these moments.

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time, with Eyes Wide Open

Whether traversing the streets of New York City or perched above a Broadway stage, Ashley Garrett ’76, TR is always looking for the next great photograph. Her extensive and beautiful portfolio embodies her mentality that a great photo can be taken anytime and anywhere.

January 2023 Issue

A Legal Career Built from Theory of Knowledge

Sydney Burns ’10 launched her legal career from a foundation of learning at George School. During her time as a student, Sydney discovered a passion for philosophy, which she parlayed into a career in law, and found an application for the learning she loves.

December 2022 Issue

Finding My Second Home on the Court

For the past seven years, basketball has become a passion for Priyanka (Pri) Ponnam ’25, growing from a fun hobby into a serious competitive outlet. Pri invests time in perfecting her sport, practicing each aspect of the game with the determination to be the best.

Negotiating a Career in Professional Sports

Glenn Schwartzman ’80 has built a decades-long career as a professional sports agent, advising clients in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. But when he was a student at George School, sports management was a little-known profession.

Inspiring Players to Shine

Head basketball coaches La’Keisha Sutton and Ben Luber were drawn to George School for different reasons, but their underlying motivation is the same: both have committed to giving back to the sport they love.

November 2022 Issue

George School Traditions: A Shared Experience

The Uehlein family shares a unique perspective of George School traditions across two generations of alumni. Some of the traditions through the decades have remained the same, while others have changed and evolved.

Pippa Rex Is in the Business of Making Memories

After thirty years at George School, Pippa Rex will retire in June. She reflects on the traditions she’s seen come and go, those that have remained constant, and how all traditions are created to bring joy and meaning to the lives of George School students.

A Student’s Commitment to Tradition

Chase Kennedy ’23 works hard as a member of the George School Student Activities Board (SAB) to uphold traditions at George School and to build new ones for the future. Chase has been heavily involved in the community during his three years on campus since coming to George School as a sophomore.

October 2022 Issue

Everybody Can Draw

Jō Adachi, the painting and drawing teacher at George School, creates as both a teacher and artist, educating with the mantra that everyone can develop the skills to be an artist with the right mindset and approach. Many of Jō’s students have gone on to have careers as artists and built the foundation of their creative process at George School.

Turning a Passion for Painting Into a Career

Virginia Steck Johnson ’14 forayed her passion for painting into a career through dedication to the art form, hours of practice, and an obsession with form and concept. She took the opportunity to create while at George School and developed an art form that is uniquely hers.

George School’s Surrealist Senior

Linglong Dai ’23, one of George School’s skilled student-artists, uses a scholarly approach to creating paintings inspired by surrealism. For Linglong, art has been an interest since childhood, honed through the intensive IB program at George School.

September 2022 Issue

Embarking on a New School Year

As Head of School Sam Houser begins his seventh year at George School, he reflects on what drew him to George School, the launch of the school’s Signature Academic Program, and offers advice to someone who is thinking about a career in education.

Guided by an Open-Minded Approach

Jean Morrison, PhD ’76 serves as the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Boston University. Her career in higher education has been guided by an open-minded approach to pursuing opportunities that began when she was a student on campus at George School.

Creating Pathways for Students

Sean Vereen, Ed.D. ’95 serves as President of Steppingstone Scholars, an educational social mobility organization that helps low-income students in Philadelphia to navigate pathways to college and the workforce. Building on the leadership skills he learned at George School, Sean is leading a growing organization that is impacting the lives of students and their families.

June 2022 Issue

Journalism at George School

Teresa Liang ’23 is one of George School’s journalistic leaders who uses her talent as a writer and editor to publish the student-led newspaper, Curious George. “Journalism is an extension of my interests and I thought joining the Curious George staff would be a great opportunity to make new friends,” said Teresa.

My Journey as an Author and Poet

Terence (Terry) Culleton, who taught English at George School for thirty-nine years before retiring in 2019, reflects on his journey as an author and poet. He is the author of three published books of verse, A Communion of Saints, Eternal Life, and A Tree and Gone.

Listen, Write, Edit, Repeat.

N. West Moss ’82 is an accomplished author with an impressive catalog of published work. Speaking as both a writer and educator, West says, “To express our thoughts in writing is a profound act of self-acceptance, and it is what makes the great writers great.”

May 2022 Issue

Impacting Generations of Students Through Athletics

Nancy Zurn Bernardini has served as coach, teacher, mentor, and friend, impacting multiple generations of students through athletics and physical education at George School since 1978. As she prepares to retire at the end of this school year, Nancy reflects on her coaching philosophy, what she is most grateful for, and the one memory that stands out during her time here.

Building Connections as an Educator and Coach

Jaime Ginsberg ’95 played for four years on varsity teams and spent eight seasons being coached by Nancy Zurn Bernardini. “The athletic programs at George School were foundational for me” said Jaime. “Nancy was a role model for me.”

Thank You, Nancy

Claire Roche ’22, Katie Hendry ’22, and Alice Morrison ’24 built a friendship through athletics, and credit their coach, Nancy Zurn Bernardini, with creating a welcoming culture that helped them find their place at George School both on and off the field.

April 2022 Issue

Alumni Weekend is Back–Live and In-Person

Join us May 6–8, 2022 to celebrate achievements, rekindle friendships, and reflect on your George School experience. We have missed gathering in person and cannot wait to see everyone!

March 2022 Issue