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Erin Sio takes a Deep Dive into Shark Research

“As apex predators, sharks are critical to the balance of all marine ecosystems,” she said. This summer, Erin engaged in a unique professional development opportunity aboard the research vessel “Garvin” off the coast of Miami, Florida. She returns to the classroom with a wealth of knowledge and a new perspective.

Celebrating the Life of Jane Dunlap

We are heartbroken to share that long-time former faculty member Jane Dunlap died on Sunday, September 17. A fierce advocate for the importance of teaching Latin, Jane Dunlap was a vibrant spirit who balanced a…

George School Welcomes the New School Year

George School kicked off the 2023-2024 school year in style and started a new tradition with Community Convocation on Sunday, August 27 followed by a community cookout and camaraderie on Red Square.

Elena Harris ’90 Shares Deep Ties to George School Tennis

Two alumni and one long-time teacher are the perfect match for the George School Girls Varsity and JV teams. Elena Harris ’90 is delighted to serve as Varsity Head coach this season alongside her George School mentor Cheri Mellor, who serves as assistant coach, and George School alumna Cecilia Grissa ’04, who will lead the JV team as head coach.

Celebrating Culture and Traditions Through Food

Jason Geng ’25 is a student from China who helped coordinate Lunar New Year celebrations on campus during the winter of 2023—sharing his nostalgic family recipes at his home away from home.

Integrating Service with Experiential Learning

Experiencing the power of service learning first through the lens of a student and then as a faculty trip leader inspired Meredith to take on the role of Service Learning Coordinator. Now, she is building upon the strong legacy of service learning at George School.

The Power of Storytelling

On an academic service learning trip to Athens, Greece, Franklyn, and Jake Whent ’24 volunteered with Love Without Borders, an organization that works with children and adult refugees. The trip—part of the Storytelling for Social Justice course being offered with the Signature Academic Program, allowed Franklyn and his peers to learn, firsthand, the day-to-day challenges facing refugees. For Franklyn, it was a worldview-altering experience.

Jō Adachi Proves “Everybody Can Draw”

Jō Adachi, the painting and drawing teacher at George School, creates as both a teacher and artist, educating with the mantra that everyone can develop the skills to be an artist with the right mindset and approach. Many of Jō’s students have gone on to have careers as artists and built the foundation of their creative process at George School.

A Legal Career Built from the Theory of Knowledge

In TOK, a philosophy course that encourages critical thinking, Sydney Burns ’10 remembers reading Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. “The conversations I had with Ralph Lelii, my Theory of Knowledge teacher, in and out of the classroom sparked an interest in philosophy that I later pursued in college,” said Sydney.

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