Academic Resources

The high caliber of a George School education means you’ll have nonstop opportunities to challenge yourself, expand your horizons, and grow as a person. We want you to take full advantage of those opportunities. That’s why our academic program has built-in features to help you make the most of your time here.

Advisee System

Every George School student has an advisor. Your advisor will be your point person throughout your time here, working closely with you to make sure your experience both inside and outside the classroom is meaningful. When it’s course selection time, you will consult with your advisor to plan your schedule.

Library Research Instruction

At George School’s Mollie Dodd Anderson Library, a knowledgeable and friendly library staff member is on duty at all times. Whether you need a short introduction about locating information, or you need to learn how to use the materials involved in a particular assignment, the library staff are here to help.

Study Hall

Our campus becomes quieter from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. every school night for our regularly scheduled study hall. It’s the time when you digest the learning of the day and focus in on your homework. You might study in your dorm room or in a supervised study hall. You might meet with a study group or work in your favorite spot in the library. Even day students stay for study hall because they can get so much work done.

Learning Center

The Learning Center, located in the Mollie Dodd Anderson Library, is available to all students to provide support in academic skills and subject areas. For more information, email learningcenter@georgeschool.org or call 215.579.6771.

Waghorne Academic Study Hub

The Waghorne Academic Study Hub (WASH) is a tutoring center open to all students. It is home to Math Help, the Writing Center, and to a peer tutoring program in a variety of subjects.


Free peer tutoring is available in the Waghorne Academic Study Hub Monday through Thursday during study hall. Peer tutors are available in Math Help, the Writing Center, and the Learning Center. Private peer tutoring and private adult tutoring are also available. Contact Minnie Lee, director of learning services, in the Learning Center if you would like to arrange for a private peer tutor or a private adult tutor.