Parent FAQs

Newly Enrolled Students

How do I complete my enrollment contract and when is it due?

Please sign your enrollment contract on the Admission and Enrollment Portal and make your deposit to secure your place. If you have misplaced the link, please contact the Admission Office at admission@georgeschool.org or 215.579.6547. All students must have a signed enrollment contract before they arrive to campus for New Student Orientation.

How do I activate my parent log-in for George School?

Your login and password for our portal—My George School—gives you secure access to online information and services at George School. Test it and explore the portal when you receive an email with instructions from IT Services. Do not, under any circumstances, share your login credentials with your child.

The parent section of My George School is where you will complete all tasks related to the registration process. You will be unable to access this information until you have your login. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact our IT Services Help Desk at 215.579.6560 or email servicedesk@georgeschool.org.

Families new to George School will receive log-in credentials shortly after the enrollment contract and deposit are completed. Log-in information will be sent to the parent/guardian email on record in the Admission Office and will be sent under SENDER NAME.

What registration tasks need to be completed?

All tasks related to the registration process must be completed in the Registration section of the Parent Portal. Parents can find information about each form with specific deadlines.

Who do I contact if I have a question about registration?

If you have any questions during the registration process, please contact the Registration Help Line at registration@georgeschool.org or by telephone at 215.579.6625.

Who do I contact if I have a question about tuition payments?

If you have any questions about billing, please contact Rose Rosenberg at rrosenberg@georgeschool.org or by telephone at 215.579.6510.

When do I find out who my roommate is?

New boarding students should complete the Roommate Survey in the Registration section of the Parent Portal by July 1. It is important that students – and not parents/guardians- complete this survey. This survey is one of the many factors George School uses in the rooming process. Dorm assignments are sent in mid-August, and new students learn who their roommate is when they arrive for orientation.

Can I request a specific roommate or dorm?

George School prefers to make first-year roommate matches. Students often make matches based on interests or initial friendliness, but not on living compatibility. Matches made by George School have historically proven to be more successful than student-initiated matches. Students may give a dorm preference, but George School cannot guarantee to meet that preference.

Can I have a single room?

George School has a limited number of single rooms. These rooms are generally reserved for students with medical needs for a single. Questions about single room availability should be directed to the Dean’s Office at deans@georgeschool.org.

When does course selection take place?

Course selection for incoming students begins in May. Newly enrolled students will hear from the School Office.

Is there a New Student Orientation?

All new students are required to attend the George School New Student Orientation (NSO). The program occurs in late August right before the start of the new academic year. It is designed to welcome new students and prepare them for life at George School. Over the course of a week, students learn the skills and approaches that will help them thrive here.


Attendance Policy

Parents should call the Attendance Office at 215.579.6593 or email Laurie Moyer at lmoyer@georgeschool if students are late, absent, or if they will need to leave school early for any reason. See the Community Handbook for more details.

Day Student Attendance Policy. If your child is ill, has a doctor’s appointment, late to class, or will miss a class or classes for any reason, parents/guardians must email Attendance Supervisor Laurie Moyer or call 215.579.6593, to notify her of the excused absence the day before or the morning of the absence. Your child must also check-in and out with Laurie in the Deans’ Office if they arrive late or leave early for the academic day.

Boarding Student Attendance Policy. If your child has a doctor’s appointment off-campus, parents/guardians must call the SHWC at 215.579.6715 and provide information about the appointment, including time, location, and mode of transportation (transport can be arranged through the SHWC if needed). Your child must also check-out and back in through the SHWC. In the event your child is not feeling well and wants to go home, they must also check out and check back in through the SHWC.

Excused/Unexcused Absences Policy. When students miss a class or other obligation due to illness, a doctor’s visit, unexpected traffic delays, or family emergency, their absence is excused, and they are permitted to make up any work they missed for full credit. When students miss classes for other reasons, the absence is unexcused, and they will not be permitted to make up the missed work for credit.

Calendars and Schedules

Key Calendar Dates 2022-2023: View key dates for the academic year including the start of each term and school breaks.

Daily Schedule: View the daily schedule under the “Academics” tab on the Parent Portal.

Website Calendar: The website calendar offers the most up-to-date information about events at George School.

Athletics Calendar: Stay up to date with information about upcoming athletics games. Go Cougars!

Arts Calendar: Learn about performing and visual arts events on campus.

College Counseling Important Dates: View a list of key College Counseling dates.

Contact Information

George School’s main telephone is 215.579.6500. That number gives you access to an auto attendant system that provides the extension numbers for the most commonly contacted departments. View George School’s Faculty and Staff Directory.

– Admission: Call 215.579.6547 or email enrollment@georgeschool.org for questions related to the 2022-23 enrollment contract.

– Athletics: Call Kurt Ruch at 215.579.6686 or email kruch@georgeschool.org for questions about athletic offerings and preseason.

– Attendance Office: Call 215.579.6593 or email Attendance Supervisor Laurie Moyer at lmoyer@georgeschool.org when your child will be absent, late, or will leave early, including for bad weather.

– Billing: Please contact Rose Rosenberg at 215.579.6510 or rrosenberg@georgeschool.org for questions about billing, payments, or insurance.

– Deans’ Office: Call 215.579.6589 or email deans@georgeschool.org if you need to locate your child, especially in a family emergency. If there are any changes to their regular routine as a day student or a boarder, do not hesitate to contact the Deans’ Office. The Dean’s Office has phone coverage for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week while school is in session.

– Events: Call 215.579.6502 or email Director of Events Gayle Kowalewski at gkowalewski@georgeschool.org if you want to send your child a birthday cake.

– ITS Service Desk: Call 215.579.6560 or email servicedesk@georgeschool.org if you need information about usernames, passwords, or login information.

– Learning Center: Call 215.579.6771 or email learningcenter@georgeschool.org if your child is having difficulty studying and/or needs a tutor.

– Parent Guardian Association: Call 215.579.6574 or email Director of Parent Engagement Ginny Waller at gwaller@georgeschool.org if you want to know when the next Parent Guardian Association meeting is scheduled, or if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

– Post Office: Call 215.579.6600 if you want to leave a message in your child’s mailbox.

– Registrar: Call 215.579.6530 or email Registrar Val Fusco at registrar@georgeschool.org if you have a question about course placement, advisor assignment, or scheduling issues.

– Registration: If you have any questions along the way during registration, you can contact the Registration Help Line at  registration@georgeschool.org or by telephone at 215.579.6625.

– Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC): Contact the SHWC at 215.579.6715 if your child feels sick at school.

Directions to Campus

Google map directions

Interactive campus map

Download a campus map

Interested in touring campus as a prospective student? Contact admission@georgeschool.org or call 215.579.6547 to schedule a visit!

Local Accommodations and Dining

It’s an easy walk from George School into the quaint borough of Newtown. Students can find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and boutiques, as well as a grocery store, and pharmacy, all within walking distance of campus. If you are in the area visiting, check out these local accommodations and dining options.

Distance to Closest Cities:

  • Princeton, NJ (25 miles)
  • Philadelphia, PA (30 miles)
  • New York, NY (80 miles)

School Communications

– Website: Prospective and current families can find current news, information about events, links to social media platforms, a faculty and staff directory, and more on www.georgeschool.org.

– The Portal: The Portal is accessible via my.georgeschool.org and provides families secure access to online information and services at George School. Families can view grade reports, give permissions, check student attendance, make payments, access directories and handbooks, view scheduled weekend activities, sign up for conferences, and view academic information related to your child/ren on the Portal. New families receive their Portal login information during the registration process. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact IT Services at servicedesk@georgeschool.org to submit a ticket, or call 215.579.6560, for technical assistance.

– Emails: School wide communications are sent to all parents, students, faculty, and staff from gs_communication@georgeschool.org. Families should check their inboxes regularly for important updates from the Head of School and other school administrators. All students, faculty, and staff members are given an individual George School email account. Students are expected to check their George School email at least once daily for school-related messages.

– Weekly Parent Newsletter: The Parent Plan-It is a weekly newsletter sent to all parents/guardians every Thursday. The newsletter contains important information such as deadlines, reminders, school event information, and ways to get involved with George School. Families can also view the Parent Plan-It on the website.

– Emergency Notifications: In the event of an emergency, the school employs an automatic text messaging, email, and telephone notification service to alert faculty, staff, students, and parents for whom we have emergency contact information. Information is also posted on our website. Parents are advised to check the website before calling or coming to the campus during an emergency.

  • Inclement Weather: Because George School is a boarding school, classes are rarely canceled, even when school buses are not running. In bad weather, information is posted on our website and parents and students may receive an automated alert by phone, text, or email.
  • Family Emergencies: If there is a family emergency, students may be contacted through the Deans’ Office at 215.579.6589.

Social Media: Follow #GeorgeSchool on social media to keep up with the latest news and happenings, view photos, and see why families #SayYesToGS!


Laptop Policy: Students are required to bring their own Mac or PC laptop to school. Read more about the policy here and review the Student Laptop Specifications.


Busing Information: Several local school districts provide bus transportation for George School day students. Students will be picked up from their local bus stop and dropped off at their home high school. Once all George School students have arrived to that home high school, they will board another bus to be taken to George School’s campus. At the end of the day, students will be picked up from George School at 5:45 p.m. from the Fitness and Athletic Center parking lot. This allows time for afternoon activities. They are then dropped off at their local bus stops.

NJ Van Service: George School is pleased to offer daily transportation for students commuting from the Lawrenceville, Pennington, Princeton, Skillman, and West Windsor areas of New Jersey. For questions regarding van transportation, please email Deb Soufleris.

Car Pools: If you would like to explore the possibility of carpooling with George School families in your area, look for “carpool information” in the “Helpful Links” section at the bottom of the Parents page of the portal.

Learn more about transportation information for day students and boarding students.

Transportation during school breaks: George School has vacation periods during the academic year when students are required to leave campus. If your child is traveling during school breaks and needs transportation assistance, please review this page and contact deans@georgeschool.org for more information.

Travel Guidelines

George School has vacation periods during the academic year when students are required to leave campus. Learn more about travel guidelines here. Students submit all travel information using the REACH boarding system at least two weeks before the start of each major school vacation. All early departures and late returns must be communicated to the Deans’ Office at deans@georgeschool.org.


Does George School provide an insurance plan? How do I register?

Yes! George School has a plan for domestic students and a plan for international students. You can register by accessing the Magnus Health System via the Parent tab in the My George School Portal.

How does George School facilitate special medical appointments?

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) can facilitate off campus appointments and find transportation at a fee for boarders. In special circumstances, the SHWC also facilitates transportation for day students at a fee. The SHWC will provide space as available for telehealth appointments that take place during school hours for all students. For more specific information, please contact Administrator of the Student Health and Wellness Center Indira Rodrigo.

Does George School require the COVID-19 vaccine and booster(s)?

Yes, COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are required for all students and employees.

What if my child is ineligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in my home country?

George School’s SHWC will make arrangements for your child to receive the vaccine at a local pharmacy.

What if my child feels sick at school?

Students who are not feeling well should visit the SHWC for evaluation by a registered nurse and if necessary a nurse practitioner or physician. Students who are ill will rest in the SHWC.

How does my child get a flu shot?

The SHWC holds a flu vaccine clinic in September. With written permission from a student’s parent or guardian, a student may receive the flu shot. The SHWC will arrange for the Business Office to charge you for the immunization. If you would like your child to receive the flu shot, you can register by accessing the “Flu Permission” form on the Magnus Health System via the Parent tab in the my George School Portal. For more information, call the SHWC at 215.579.6715.

How do I update my child’s medical records?

You can update your child’s health records in the Magnus Health system via the Parent tab in the My George School portal. Choose the Student Profile link in the Profile Center. It will give you a checklist of items to view and update for the new academic year. Please select Student Health and Wellness Forms, and it will link you to your child’s medical record on Magnus. You will be automatically authenticated with your parent credentials.


What is the role of an advisor?

The Advisor is the person primarily responsible for providing personal attention to every student and family assigned to them. They develop personal relationships with their advisees and keep parents informed about their child’s academic and social development. New students will be contacted by their advisors during the week before classes begin. In the meantime, new students work with the Registrar and the Director of Studies on course selection and with the Deans’ Office on student-life issues.

How are incoming students placed in courses?

Course placement for incoming students begins in May. Information about course preferences is collected from families at that time. Students take skills assessments to help determine their placements in some courses; previous academic records, teacher recommendations, and standardized test scores are also consulted so that we can make the most appropriate placements for the student. Details about course selection will be shared with incoming families at the end of April.

How are skills assessments administered for new students?

Skills assessments are administered via Canvas, our Learning Management System, in May (for students who enroll by April 10). Students access Canvas with their My George School login, which will be emailed to them at that time.

When do new students receive their class schedule?

New students will receive their course placements by August 1. Their schedules will be available later in the month, but they may change up until the day that classes begin.

What will my child need for the first day of class?

Students should bring their laptop, textbooks, notebooks (spiral-bound or 3-ring) with pockets included to hold any handouts, pens, and pencils. On the first day of classes each teacher will give students a list of any specific supplies required for their class.

(Students are required to bring their own Mac or PC laptop to school. Read more about the policy here and review the Student Laptop Specifications.)

What textbooks and supplies will my child need?

Students should purchase textbooks before school starts. Customized textbook requirements are available through Follett for each student on August 1. A customized list of textbooks for your child/ren can be accessed via the GS Portal. Follett offers a range of options online for used books, book rentals, and e-books. Textbooks may be shipped to a home address or directly to George School.

Students are required to bring their own Mac or PC laptop to school. Read more about the policy here and review the Student Laptop Specifications.

George School has no specific list of school supplies that all students need, but most students like to have three ring-binders, dividers, filler paper, graph paper, folders, pens/pencils, ruler, stapler, and a scientific or graphing calculator (no particular calculator model is required and a very inexpensive scientific calculator is fine).

Your child can opt to purchase these in our on-campus store or you may purchase them wherever you like prior to arriving. Teachers with very specific supply requirements will make students aware of these on the first day of school and these supplies will be available at the on-campus store.

What resources are available for academic support?

All students need a little extra help sometimes. The Learning Center at George School offers a wide range of services that promote each person’s ability to achieve excellence. We do this by offering individualized support for homework strategies, organization methods, study skills, test preparation, and time management. While some students are assigned to the Learning Center during their free periods, it is open to all students. Contact learningcenter@georgeschool.org if you would like to schedule an appointment.


What is George School’s sports requirement for students?

George School promotes long-term health and physical fitness by requiring students to participate in competitive sports and in physical education classes.

Sports Requirements:

  • 9th and 10th graders must complete a minimum of 2.5 units (9th graders must be engaged in a team or intramural activity during Term 1)
  • 11th and 12th graders must complete a minimum of 2 units

1-unit credits:

  • Interscholastic Sports
  • After-School Theater Production classes

.5-unit credits:

  • PE classes
  • Intramural Sports
  • Each term of a dance class

Contact Senior Director of Athletics and Recreation Kurt Ruch with questions.

What sports are available for students?

Fall Sports:

  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Winter Sports:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Equestrian
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Winter Track

Spring Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Equestrian
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Track

Learn more on George School’s Athletics website. If you have a question about one of the sports, please contact the head coach directly.

What is fall preseason?

Fall preseason is for athletes who are interested in playing at the varsity level while at George School. Preseason is an intense two-week camp for any student interested in pursuing and capable at playing at the varsity level. New students interested in attending preseason should contact the coach directly to see if they are at the appropriate level to be invited to preseason. Learn more about preseason.

Does everyone attend preseason? No, preseason is only for athletes interested in playing at the varsity level and are invited by the coach. All other players will be able to try-out for other levels at the start of the school year. Try-outs for teams begin after classes on the first day of school.

When is preseason? What does the schedule look like? Preseason runs from August 15 – August 26, 2022. The preseason schedule for each sport is posted during the summer on the athletics website. Students generally check in on the first day between 8:30-10:00 a.m., and it ends by 4:00 p.m. on the last day. The camp for each sport has morning, afternoon, and night sessions. Athletes are expected to be present for both weeks and will be busy Monday-Friday, except for Equestrian preseason which only runs one week. Families can also contact coaches directly for more preseason information.

Can both day and boarding students participate in preseason? Yes. Boarding students can board the entire time, and the school tries to place them in their dorm rooms for the year. Boarding students can stay over the weekend between the two weeks of preseason, and the weekend before the start of school. Day students arrive between 7:30-9:00 a.m. each day depending on when their practice starts and are welcome and can have all of their meals on campus during preseason.

What medical clearances do you need for sports?

Athletes must complete the BrainCheck concussion test before participating in preseason and should contact Athletics with questions. Students are required to have all of their student health paperwork completed in order to participate in preseason. Families should contact the Student Health and Wellness Center for more information at 215.579.6715 if they have questions about the health forms.

What time do practices normally begin? When are games held?

Practices are Monday-Friday (with occasional Saturday practices) from 4:00-5:30 p.m. Times may vary in the winter months due to gym space. Games can occur during the week Monday-Friday, but there can also occasionally be Saturday and Sunday competitions. Links will be shared on the athletics website for any games that are livestreamed home or away. Student athletes are expected to attend ALL practices and games unless it is excused by the coaches and the Attendance Office. Review the athletics schedules here.

What equipment does my student need to participate in athletics at George School?

Students will need athletic clothing (warm and cold weather wear), an athletic bag to store equipment, sneakers, a water bottle, a lock for their locker, and the athletic equipment for the specific sport they are playing, which will be communicated to them by the head coach.

If my child is involved in a sport outside of GS, can their participation in GS sports be waived?

Senior Director of Athletics and Recreation Kurt Ruch should be contacted by students who are seeking an exception to the sports requirement.

Student Life

Day Students

What time should my child arrive at school? When do they leave? Day Students should arrive Monday–Friday no earlier than 6:30 a.m. and may depart at the end of their academic day if they do not have any athletic or artistic responsibilities. Day students are welcome to have breakfast and dinner on campus.

Can day students visit or stay over in dorms? Dorms may open to have day student stay over on weekends only after six to ten weeks of the school year. Day students are not permitted to stay in dorms during the academic week unless there is an expressed need or an emergency.

Can day students have meals on campus? Day students are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on campus if they choose!

Can day students take part in weekend activities? Absolutely! Day students are invited to participate in most weekend social activities on and off campus. Some activities may be restricted to members of a specific residence hall, but the vast majority of weekend events are open to everyone! A weekend schedule is published mid-week.

Boarding Students

How do I help my child learn to live away from home? Helping your child learn independence and how to advocate for themselves is the best way. Letting them do their own laundry, clean their own room, and make up their bed is a great way to help students have an easier time adjusting to boarding school and living away from home.

How can my child do laundry? There are card operated laundry machines on every dorm floor. There is also a laundry service for a set fee.

What are weekends like? Every weekend has a theme and activities are planned around that theme. It may be a multi-cultural food festival, or building your own pool raft to get your team across the pool – we do it all!

Can family members stay on campus on weekends? Family members are welcome to visit, but may not stay over in the dorms.

What furniture is included in each dorm room? Each dorm room comes with a bed, desk, chair and closet with drawers. Beds are standard size twin beds. Extra-long beds may be requested through your dorm head. The windows in the rooms have shades or blinds. You can find more information in our What To Know About the Dorms Info Sheet.

What should I pack? Do not over pack as you will come to regret it at the end of the year. Leave valuables like jewelry and special handbags and sneakers at home. Most boarders pack for the season and then switch it all out for the next season over breaks. You can find more information in our suggested Packing List.

Does George School offer all-gender housing? Yes! George School is opening its first non-gender, non-binary dormitory for the 2022-2023 school year. Students who wish to live in this dorm must fill out an application and obtain permission from their parents/guardians.

How do I access banks/ATMS/cash while on campus? Parents may open a school account for their child to have access to throughout the year. Students may get cash money at the School Store in Marshall Center, the Business Office in Main Building, or from the Deans’ Office.

What is Study Hall? Mandatory Study Hall begins for all boarders at 7:30 p.m. and lasts until 9:30 p.m. Student check-in for all dorms is at 10:00 p.m.

International Students

How will my child get to campus if they are traveling to the US alone? Families and students must coordinate their own transportation to George School. George School regularly uses Sterling Limousine and Transportation Services. You may email them to make a reservation at www.sterlinglimoservice.com.

How will my child get sheets/bedding and other necessary supplies if I cannot travel to the US with them? George School offers van trips to stores where bedding and other necessary supplies are available for purchase.

Does my child need a guardian/US contact while at George School? Yes, all international students must have a stateside guardian to whom they can contact in case of emergency, or for school breaks that are too short for them to travel home.

Do dorms stay open during school breaks? No, dorms are closed for all school breaks.

Is there an orientation for international students? Our international students will be notified of orientation from the International Student Sponsor. Learn more.

Does George School help coordinate international student transportation? Once an international student has arrived at campus and has moved in, George School will coordinate trips to airports and trains for any travel students may have for breaks, returning from breaks, as well as college visits.

Does George School offer English as a Second Language (ESL)? No, George School does not offer English as a Second Language; however, we do provide a language lab section for students who need some assistance in improving their academic reading and writing. Non-native speakers of English will take a brief English test during New Student Orientation (NSO).

Student Clubs and Leadership Opportunities

How does my child join a club? George School students are active, engaged, collaborative, and community-centric. It’s no surprise that they get involved in many clubs and leadership roles, and also start their own clubs. Here are just a few of our current clubs.

How can my student get involved in leadership opportunities at GS? There are many opportunities for leadership at George School. Announcements for leadership openings are made in Assembly and via GS email often with applications attached. It is important for students to check their email daily so that they do not miss important messages or opportunities.

Weekend Activities

What weekend activities are available for boarding and day students? George School weekend activities embrace the world both on and off campus and for both boarding and day students. On a given weekend, there might be opportunities to explore mural arts in Philly, enjoy a food or film festival, design a creation for a fashion show, or solve a mystery on a New York City visit. Campus provides 240 acres to experience and explore. Community members make the most of weekends at George School, and there is something for everyone!

How can students and parents see the weekend activities? Students and parents can view the full schedule of student weekend activities anytime under the “Campus Life” tab on the Parent Portal. The Director of Student Activities emails students the weekend activities schedule each week, and parents can easily access the link in the weekly parent newsletter, The Parent Plan-It, each Thursday.

Parent Guardian Association

What is the Parent Guardian Association?

The Parent Guardian Association strives to both embody and reflect the values and uniqueness that is George School. All parents/guardians are automatically members and each of us helps ensure that we complement and support the strong academic and inclusive social experience of George School. Meetings are listed on the website and Parent Portal.

How can parents get involved at George School?

The Parent Guardian Association provides a number of programming opportunities for parents/guardians to contribute to the George School experience. Parents can sign up and join a committee of their interest on the Parent Portal.

Who do I contact to learn more about parent opportunities?

Call 215.579.6574 or email Director of Parent Engagement Ginny Waller at gwaller@georgeschool.org.