Parent FAQs


Who should I contact about registration questions?

Contact the Registration Help Line at registration@georgeschool.org or by telephone at 215.579.6625.

Who should I contact about billing questions?

Please contact Rose Rosenberg at 215.579.6510 or rrosenberg@georgeschool.org for questions about billing, payments or insurance.

How do I reach my child in an emergency?

In an emergency, call the Deans’ Office at 215.579.6589. The Dean’s Office has phone coverage for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week while school is in session.

If you are playing phone tag with your child and are getting frustrated by the lack of contact, call the Deans’ Office. They will track your child down and ask him or her to contact you.

What happens if my child misses a class?

Parents should call the Attendance Office at 215.579.6593 before 8:45 a.m. if students are late or absent or if they will need to leave school early for any reason. See the Community Handbook for more details.

If your child misses a class or a commitment, they will be marked absent by the teacher, coach, advisor, etc. Lateness of fifteen minutes or more can be considered as an absence. Within several days, your child will be notified by email about the absence. If the absence is in error, your child should take the note to the teacher, coach, advisor, etc, and then to the Attendance Office to get the record cleared.

If your child is unable to get the absence excused from the person who originally submitted the absence, the absence is logged as an official class cut.

Students are placed on Cut Warning after the third cut and parents are notified by the Deans’ Office. If your child violates a Cut Warning by accruing additional absences in the same term or three absences in a subsequent term, they she will meet with a dean and if available, the student advisor and will be assigned to demerit restrictions for one week. Continued class cuts may be considered by Advisory Council and will place your child’s tenure at the school in jeopardy. A student and his or her parent(s) can check the student’s attendance status through the George School Student or Parent Portal.

To put the cut situation into perspective, you need to realize that your child has a minimum of thirty-five obligations per week. If you multiply that by a ten-week term, your child has 350 opportunities to be on time, late, or absent during that term. Your child is probably not perfect, and will make some mistakes. A few cuts are not the end of the world.


What if my child feels sick at school?

Students who are not feeling well should visit the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) for evaluation by a registered nurse and if necessary a nurse practitioner or physician. Students who are ill will rest in the SHWC.

How does my child get a flu shot?

The Student Health and Wellness Center will provide the flu vaccine in the fall. With written permission from a student’s parent or guardian, a student may receive the flu shot. The SHWC will arrange for the Business Office to charge you for the immunization.

If you would like your child to receive the flu shot, send a letter to the Student Health and Wellness Center, George School, PMB 4465, 1690 Newtown Langhorne Road, Newtown, PA, 18940, or fax it to 215.579.6712. For more information, call the Student Health and Wellness Center at 215.579.6715.

How do I update my child's medical records?

You can update your child’s health records and the Magnus Health system via the Parent tab in the My George School portal. Choose the Student Profile link in the Profile Center. It will give you a checklist of items to view and update for the new academic year. Please select Student Health and Wellness Forms, and it will link you to your child’s medical record on Magnus. You will be automatically authenticated with your parent credentials.


What does my child need for the first day of class?

Please be sure to bring:

  • any required summer assignments
  • notebook (spiral-bound or 3-ring; you may want pockets included to hold any handouts)
  • pens/pencils
  • laptop

What supplies will my child need?

Students should purchase textbooks before school starts. You may purchase textbooks from Follett Virtual Campus, which offers a range of options online for used books, book rentals, and e-books. Textbooks may be shipped to a home address or directly to George School.

George School has no specific list of school supplies that all students need, but most students like to have:

  • three ring-binders
  • dividers
  • filler paper
  • graph paper
  • folders
  • pens/pencils
  • ruler
  • stapler
  • scientific or graphing calculator (no particular calculator model is required and a very inexpensive scientific calculator is fine)

Your child can opt to purchase these in our on-campus store or you may purchase them wherever you like prior to arriving. Teachers with very specific supply requirements will make students aware of these on the first day of school and these supplies will be available at the on-campus store.

What resources are available for academic support?

With the goal of helping all students succeed in their educational journey, academic support is embedded in many aspects of our community.

George School has a culture that encourages all students to ask questions, especially when they need help. Students commonly meet with teachers for individual consultations, which are built into our weekly class schedule and are integral to our core value of transformative teaching and learning.

In addition, ninth grade boarders and new tenth grade boarders participate in New Student Study Hall at the beginning of the school year. This required program teaches students how to structure their time during study hall and develop better habits for independent study.

The Learning Center is open to all students seeking additional help with academic skills and course content. We aim to create a positive and supportive environment that builds on students’ strengths while cultivating research informed strategies and skills that may alleviate areas of difficulty. Increasing a sense of self-efficacy is our primary goal. To that end, we provide a wide range of services that address organization, time management, note-taking, study skills, technology management, and writing. The Learning Center also develops learning support plans for students with documented learning differences. Implementation of approved accommodations is a collaborative process, one in which students receive coaching for self-advocacy skills so they ultimately take ownership of their learning difference.

During evening study hall, the Waghorne Academic Study Hub (WASH) is available to students. The WASH has faculty and peer tutors who provide help in math, writing, foreign language, and science.

When the scope of support exceeds consultation with teachers and assistance from the Learning Center or the WASH, your child may need a tutor. We have a caring and knowledgeable team of tutors comprised of students, faculty and staff, and off-campus adults, all of whom enjoy teaching and learning with others. (For convenience, fees for tutoring services are billed to you through our school’s business office.) If you would like to arrange a tutor for your child, please contact the Learning Center.

How do I find out how my child is doing academically?

Maintaining good communication with your child about how they are feeling about school is often an important aspect of understanding how your child is doing. The advisor is your primary contact at George School and is responsible for overseeing your child’s overall experience. They will listen to your concerns, share his or her perspective, and then get back to you later if you need more detailed information from some teachers.

Teachers write reports for all students four times per year, in October and at the end of each term in November, March, and June. Parents and students access these reports via the portal. Parent-teacher conferences are available in October and February.

You also should feel free to email or call an individual teacher if you need direct contact. Teachers expect to receive emails and phone calls from parents between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. Their email addresses and office phone numbers are available on our website in the Faculty & Staff Directory. Their home phone numbers are listed in the Community Directory.


How do I help my child learn to live away from home?

Students can be easily connected to parents, siblings, or friends from home using their mobile device and social media. We hope that friends and family can respect the school day and not communicate when students are in class.

You might be surprised at how much students love care packages with favorite snacks, cookies, photos, music…anything that would remind them of home. When it is birthday time, you can place an order for a birthday cake to be delivered to a dorm.

You should feel free to call your child’s advisor as often as you wish, especially during the first few months of school. The advisor sees your child most school days and can let you know how they are doing.


Can I spend weekends on campus?

There are many bed-and-breakfasts, inns, and motels nearby where you can stay while visiting your child for the weekend. You will find a list of local accommodations here.

The website also includes a list of local restaurants. Your child and his or her friends will love to go off campus for a meal with you. Conversely, you are welcome to eat meals in the dining hall when you are on campus.

What do I need to know about the dorms?

Download the PDF What You Need to Know About the Dorms.

Each dorm room includes a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, and small mirror. All beds are standard twin-size. Linens and pillows are not provided.

We provide two options for students’ laundry. We have a wash and fold Laundry Service available at a cost of $350 for the entire school year. You may sign up here if you are interested in this service. We also provide card-operated machines in the dorms for student use. For more information about laundry, see the Community Handbook.

Local stores within walking distance of campus: Giant (supermarket), Rite Aid (pharmacy), Newtown Book & Record, Newtown Hardware, Starbucks, and various restaurants.

ATM: There is an ATM located at American Heritage Credit Union in the Summit Square Shopping Center. Students may incur a fee for ATM withdrawals if they are not a member of the credit union.

GS Debit System: We encourage students to open a George School debit account. Students with a debit account can make cash withdrawals on campus using their student identification card. To learn more about the debit system, please refer to the Student Debit Account Question and Answer Form.

Please do not hang up on your walls any posters that depict violations of major school rules, are sexually exploitive, or are violent in nature. Nails and push pins may not be used on the walls; sticky tack is on sale in the bookstore and works quite well.

What should I pack?

Download the PDF What You Need to Know About the Dorms.

Please be sure to bring:

  • Backpack
  • Basket for shower supplies
  • Bathrobe
  • Blankets
  • Calculator (scientific, TI-84 suggested)
  • Clothes (see below)
  • Comb/brush
  • Comforter
  • Eating utensils, reusable cups, plate/bowl
  • Hangers
  • Laptop
  • Laundry bag
  • Mattress cover
  • Medications that your doctor has prescribed to you (to be kept at the Student Health and Wellness Center)
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Power strip with built-in circuit breaker
  • School supples
  • Sheets (standard twin-size)
  • Snacks in a well-sealed container
  • Sports equipment and clothing
  • Tissues
  • Toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Towels
  • Trash can
  • Umbrellas

Optional items you might want to bring:

  • Alarm clock
  • Bike with helmet and lock
  • Desk lamp (not halogen)
  • Fan
  • Food storage containers
  • Hair dryer/straightening iron (only to be used in designated areas)
  • Kitchen equipment and items (approved only and must be used in designated areas)
  • Music system (personal sized only with headphones)
  • Refrigerator, small
  • Throw rugs
  • USB flash drive

What clothes to bring: Dress is casual at George School. Be modest, neat, and clean and you will be fine. Please refer to the expectations for dress outlined in the Community Handbook. On dressier occasions (such as Sunday meeting for worship or performances in Walton), you may wear Bermuda-style shorts, but not athletic or other types of shorts. You may not wear T-shirts to these events. Boys, please bring a sport coat and tie; girls, please bring a dress or nice pants. Remember to bring a heavy coat, swimsuits, and rain gear.

Please do not bring: Cars, halogen lamps, microwaves, motorcycles, pets, or two-pronged extension cords.

Don’t even think about bringing: Alcohol containers (full or empty), beer bottles or cans, candles, drugs or drug paraphernalia, hoverboards, incense, lighters, matches, tobacco products, or weapons of any sort (including pocketknives). It is forbidden for you to have these items in your possession.

If you bring and ride a bike, skateboard, longboard, or scooter, you must bring and wear a helmet that is properly fitted and buckled when riding.