College Counseling 2018-2019 Important Dates

Sat. 8/25/18 SAT at George School
Thurs. 9/6/18 Senior Night with College Counseling: The Application Process, the Trends and What to Expect (required for seniors, parents welcome to attend)
Sat. 9/8/18 ACT exam (NOT at George School)
Fri. 9/28/18 College Counseling meets with juniors (required)
Sat. 10/6/18 SAT at George School
Wed. 10/10/18 PSAT for all juniors and sophomores
Sat. 10/20/18 Parents Weekend programming with College Counseling
Sat. 10/27/18 ACT at George School
Sat. 11/3/18 SAT (NOT at George School)
TBD terms 2 and 3 Junior College Counseling Seminar
Sat. 12/1/18 SAT at George School
Sat. 12/8/18 ACT (NOT at George School)
Dec. 2018 – TBD College Counseling meets with sophomores
January 2019 Sophomore students can schedule their one-on-one meetings with College Counseling
Fri. 2/1/19 College Planning 101 for juniors and their parents
Sat. 2/9/19 ACT (NOT at George School)
Sat. 3/9/19 SAT (NOT at George School)
Sat. 4/13/19 ACT at George School
Mon. 4/15/19 College Fair at George School (night 1) for juniors and sophomores
Tues. 4/16/19 College Fair at George School (night 2) for juniors and sophomores
May 2019 Optional essay and interview workshops for juniors (TBD)
May 2019 Philadelphia Independent Schools College Fair at Germantown Academy
Sat. 5/4/19 SAT at George School
Sat. 6/1/19 SAT at George School
Sat. 6/8/19 ACT (NOT at George School)
Sat. 7/13/19 ACT (NOT at George School)

Download College Counseling Important Dates 2018–2019.