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At George School, our classes are small, and each student gets lots of attention from their advisor and teachers. We designed the admission process to unfold the same way.

Everything you need is right here on our website and we are always ready to help you through our application process at any time.

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February 1

February 1 is the deadline to apply for admission to George School. Please apply using the Standard Application Online (SAO).

January 15

January 15 is the deadline for new and returning student financial aid. Click here to learn more about the financial aid application process.

The No Stress George School Application

Kelliann Carroll and Bez Wallace share application and interview advice about applying to George School. Our application deadline is February 1, but we do accept applications after that date. Late applicants are considered as space permits.

Apply Now

Step 1: Tell us about you

To start the admission process, please complete our Inquiry Form online.

Step 2: Come visit and Interview

George School is pleased to welcome visitors to campus. Prospective students and families will take an individual campus tour led by a current student as part of the interview process. You will also have the opportunity to visit campus for Open House and other in-person events throughout the year.

We also hope you will spend some time in our Virtual Visit Center where you can take an online campus tour, register for upcoming events, and learn more about George School.

Please call 215.579.6547 to schedule your admission interview. While most of our interviews will take place on campus, we will have opportunities for students to interview via Zoom as well.

If you are a non-native English speaker, please review the instructions for international applicants for additional information about the interview process.

Please contact the Admission Office at 215.579.6547 or admission@georgeschool.org for more information.

Step 3: Take the appropriate tests

George School does not require students to submit Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) scores. In place of the SSAT, George School requires a writing sample to be administered in the interview process. In addition, George School will require applicants to submit a sampling of their mathematics coursework. More information about the mathematics sample, please review the Mathematics Sample section in Step 4 below. For students who do wish to submit SSAT scores, our school code is 3364. PSAT, SAT and ACT results reported in the current academic year are acceptable for eleventh grade applicants.

Candidates for whom English is a second language should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Our school code for TOEFL is 8138. Students who may have difficulty completing the TOEFL or the IELTS should contact the Admission Office at admission@georgeschool.org.

Step 4: Complete the application

We want to make the application process as easy as possible. Because many students apply to multiple schools, we accept the Standard Application Online (SAO) from SSAT. After you begin the application process, you can track the status of your application through SAO.

Additional recommendations:

If you attend a Quaker meeting please have your clerk fill out the clerk recommendation form.

George School will accept additional recommendations beyond the required recommendations listed in SAO. Should you have additional recommendations, they may be mailed directly to the Admission Office or sent via email to admission@georgeschool.org.

Mathematics sample:

Because George School is not requiring completion of the Secondary Admission Test in this admission cycle, we ask all applicants to submit the following to the Admission Office:

  • A photograph of the cover of the table of contents of the mathematics text book, or a link to the on-line mathematics curriculum you are currently using
  • 2-3 examples of math work you feel represents your best mathematics work from this current academic year. This can be a graded homework assignment, quiz, test, or an extracurricular mathematics work. The mathematics work does not have to cover a specific discipline. Please limit these samples to five pages each.

For International Students:

  • Please provide a link to or a copy of the mathematics syllabus for your current year
  • Please indicate when you would next take a national exam (such as the IGSCE) and what exam that would be, if applicable

Materials for the Mathematics Sample should be sent to the Admission Office (admission@georgeschool.org) electronically as an email attachment. Materials should be received by February 1.

Homeschooled Students:

George School welcomes applications from students who have been homeschooled. We recognize that your experience will be unique and all your own, so the following are George School requirements and guidelines to help you through the application process, and to ensure that we can get to know you and learn more about your academic experience.

Requirements for homeschooled students:
1. Application through the Standard Application Online (SAO)
2. A comprehensive representation of your homeschooling curriculum. Please use the Curriculum Summary Form. If you have something similar, please contact the Admission Office to see if it can be used in place of the Curriculum Summary Form.
3. SSAT Scores or other approved standardized test. Please contact the Admission Office to learn more about which tests can be accepted in place of the SSAT.
4. Recommendation Letters:
If parent is the primary instructor, at least one letter must come from an individual other than a parent (ie. A tutor, coach, youth group leader, employer, religious group leader, etc) who can attest to the applicant’s academic abilities or leadership skills (such as ability to work as part of a team or group).
5. Please answer the following prompt with 250 words or less and email to admission@georgeschool.org with the subject line: Your First and Last Name: Home School Essay Prompt

What inspired you and your family to pursue homeschooling for your current academic path and how do you think this educational experience helped you grow as a student and an individual?

Optional Items:

  1. Additional recommendation letters
  2. A sample of academic materials or a portfolio of work from the major academic disciplines.

*If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact the admission office at admission@georgeschool.org


Please contact us with any additional questions.

Dates & Deadlines

January 15 — Financial aid deadline for new and returning students.

February 1 — Application deadline. Late applicants will be considered as space permits.

March 10 — Admission decisions and financial aid awards communicated to families.

March 10 onward — Announcement of financial aid awards for new and returning students.

April 10 — Commitment to George School due with signed contract and nonrefundable deposit.

Should you miss any deadlines, you are encouraged to contact the Admission Office about space and financial aid availability.

Questions? Contact the Admission Office at admission@georgeschool.org or 215.579.6547.

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