Weekend Activities

Ask George School students about weekends on campus, and they may describe Harvest Weekend (hayrides and apple butter), Student Council Weekend (Holi powder, bonfires, and the faculty dunk tank), or Live Music Weekend (self-explanatory). They definitely will be smiling.

These are some of the special weekends, but actually, even regular weekends are special. Usually organized by a dorm or student group, they may have a theme but will certainly have lots and lots to do, from dances and open mic nights to S’moreoke and Four Square under the lights. You can get in some work or a workout, play sports, or cheer on your friends playing sports. It can be hard to fit it all in.

Weekends are also for down time—for lying in the grass, catching up on sleep, walking into Newtown, and hanging out with friends, both boarders and day students. Day students are always welcome on campus, and frankly, weekends at George School are just too much fun to miss.

Our Students

Of all the special weekends at George School each year, one is the most special for Alice Ke ’19.

Weekend Activities 2018-19: Fall Term

September 1–2: Opening Days Weekend

September 7–9: Orientation Weekend*

September 14–16: Campbell, Orton, West Main, and Westwood Sponsored Weekend

September 21–23: Central, Lower, Upper, and East Sponsored Weekend

September 28–30: PBDT Weekend

September 5–7: Open Doors Weekend

October 12–14: Great Race Scavenger Hunt Weekend

October 19–20: Parents Weekend

October 26–28: Harvest Weekend

November 2–4: Fall Theater/Get to Know Philly Weekend

November 9–11: Study Weekend*


*Closed Weekends and Required Weekend Events

September 7–9: A variety of activities are planned for Orientation Weekend when all new boarding students are required to stay on campus.

November 9–11: Students are not permitted overnight absences during Study Weekend.


Weekend Activities 2018-19: Winter Term

November 30–December 2: SAGE Weekend

December 7–9: Interfaith Weekend

Weekend Activities 2018-19: Spring Term