7-Term Sample Year Schedules

There are as many paths through George School as there are students to blaze them. These examples (starting in 2022-2023) show typical ways students with different backgrounds can achieve desired outcomes—knowing full well that there are no typical George School students.

Remember that these are only emblematic. Many similar—and dissimilar—schedules can be crafted. For example, “doubling up” (taking 2 courses in a department in a year) can be done in many subjects, both to accelerate and to sample varied topics. Students can devote an off-campus term to an internship as well as travel and service.

Our goal is to enable students to pursue their interests, prepare for their future, and keep their options open as long as possible.

Sample Year Schedules

  • Selecting a module of English Language Intensive allows this non-native speaker to refine skills in academic English for use in George School courses.
  • After a term of ELI, the student is prepared for regular English and history classes (Lit & Comp, AP Human Geography) and for another language (Spanish 1) the same year.
  • All pathways (including the IB Diploma) are open to this student.

  • Entering George School at grade level, this student chooses to accelerate in math by completing Algebra 1 and Geometry in the first year.
  • After completing most of Algebra 1, the student is prepared to begin Intensive Chemistry.
  • In addition to taking 2 math courses, this student takes classes in all other George School departments.
  • All pathways (including the IB Diploma) are open to this student.

  • This student takes several courses designed as part of the IB program (in English, economics, French, calculus, physics, and Theory of Knowledge/other IB requirements).
  • In addition, the student takes a non-IB course of interest (AP Computer Science).
  • One term is dedicated to a life-changing study and service program in East Africa, offered by George School.
  • Even with enriching non-IB experiences, this student stays on course for the IB Diploma.

  • All courses with IB or AP exams have a mod in either term 5 or 6, and none have mods in Term 7.
  • In Term 7 a student who is taking many IB/AP exams is mostly free, to focus on reviewing for and taking these exams.
  • Most IB diploma candidates take one (or two) IB exams in 11th grade, and so could have three more free mods than this example student who is taking all their exams in 12th grade.

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