Student Life at George School

At George School, you will invent yourself. And reinvent yourself. You’ll join intriguing clubs (or even start one.) Have adventures on the weekends. And learn to live in a dorm with roommates. You’ll do all of this in a lovely place with cherry trees, robotics classes, and live music.

George School is your home. You might have come here for the academics and the college counseling, but it’s everything surrounding that—the leadership skills you will build in clubs and sports, the life skills you gain from living with others from across the world, and the creative outlets that you’ll pursue—that will really shape your experience here.

Our Students

Gabriella has discovered that meeting “random” friendly people isn’t at all random at George School.

Clubs and Organizations

Weekend Fun

Residential Life

More to Explore

Prefects Help Make George School Feel Like Home

Prefects are student mentors who live in each residence hall and set examples as strong leaders and role models. They help with check-in times and study hall, providing advice and wisdom. They also create and lead community-building activities.

The Club Scene at George School

I’ve come to love the club scene at George School. There are so many different groups where my peers and faculty friends can come together and laugh, relax and learn together. 

Celebrating Christmas and a Second Home

My dorm became my second home, I became more involved in helping out the dorm community. I began to realize that George School wasn't only a high school but a caring community and will forever be my second home.

Fun On Campus

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