Alumni LinkedIn

George School upgraded our LinkedIn page from a company page to a university page so users can add George School to their profile and easily find classmates, alumni, and members of our community. Once George School is included in a profile, LinkedIn users can easily connect to each other through the George School page.

LinkedIn users who currently have George School listed in the “Education” section of their profile, should delete it and re-enter the school name. George School will appear as an option in a drop-down menu, this time with the official school logo.

For alumni who do not have George School listed as their high school, edit the education section of your profile by clicking on the pencil icon under the “Education” section. When prompted to enter the school name, begin typing “George School” and select George School from the drop-down menu after it appears.

All users can add additional information such as class year, favorite classes, or type of diploma received (i.e., IB Diploma).

Once George School is added to your profile, visit the official school page to begin connecting. Simply click on the blue “See alumni” button to see what your fellow classmates are doing.

Need help?

Please contact gs_communication@georgeschool.org.