A Click Away: Dimensions

George School is multicultural. In an average year:

 arrow_small International students represent 24 percent of our student body.
 arrow_small U.S. students of color represent 24 percent of our student body.
 arrow_small There are students from approximately twenty-two states.
 arrow_small In the past decade, students from seventy-five countries attended George School.

In addition, to create a socioeconomically diverse environment, each year we offer over $8 million in need-based financial aid to about 50 percent of our students.
But inclusiveness is about more than just numbers like these. When people from varying backgrounds meet, work together, study together, and just have fun together, they learn interesting new things about other races, ethnicities, socioeconomic situations, sexual orientations, religions, and political parties.

You will find that inclusiveness is about more than just discovering new foods or new holidays. It’s about:

 arrow_small Recognizing that we are all different from one another.
 arrow_small Respecting and appreciating differences of all kinds.
 arrow_small Sharing thoughts and opinions, no matter how controversial.

All these aspects add a wonderful dimension to the quality of life at George School. We relish that we are broadened, strengthened, and enlightened when we appreciate and respect a range of perspectives.

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