Student Health and Wellness at George School

Welcome, new George School families! At the Student Health and Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to student wellness, partnering parents or guardians, advisors, dorm supervisors, coaches, and athletic trainers to ensure that students learn best practices for their own health and wellness, know how to seek help when needed, and are cared for and comforted when injured or not feeling well.

“We are dedicated to providing quality medical and mental health care to George School students so they may achieve their maximal intellectual and academic potential in a compassionate and inclusive environment.”

Joellen Paget Gillon
Director of Student Health and Wellness Services

SHWC Hours

Sunday through Thursday: 24 hours
Fridays and Saturdays:  7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
(Nurse on call 24 hours, 7 days a week)


The Student Health and Wellness Center is a 14-bed facility that includes 2 exam rooms, a conference room, isolation spaces and a Counseling Suite.

The team consists of a part-time pediatrician, a family nurse practitioner, an office administrator, 3 full-time RN’s, 11 part-time RN’s, the Director of Counseling Services and a school counselor.

Our providers are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Our Wellness Center

How do I manage my child's medical insurance?

New families are required to submit their medical insurance information before the start of school. If you wish to enroll your child in a school insurance plan, George School provides a plan for both domestic and international students.

You can submit, register, or change your information at any time by accessing the Magnus Health System via the Parent tab in the George School Parent Portal.

What if my child feels sick at school?

Students who are not feeling well should visit the Student Health and Wellness Center on campus for evaluation by a registered nurse and if necessary a nurse practitioner or physician. Students who are ill will be able to rest in the SHWC.

Any student with a contagious illness (i.e.: COVID-19, flu, cold) should not attend classes or practices in keeping with school protocol until they are fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours and feel well enough to return to class.

Boarding students who are experiencing symptoms of a viral illness should report to the SHWC and will be monitored until fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 24-hours. Those who live within a 2-hour radius of campus should consider going home if possible.

Day students who are experiencing symptoms of a viral illness should consult with their family physician and stay home until they are fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours and feel well enough to attend class.


George School is fortunate to have an abundance of local, off-campus resources available including psychologists/psychiatrists, physical therapists, orthopedists, and dentists to name a few. We are conveniently located within driving distance to Princeton Medical Center, Doylestown Hospital, CHOP ER and Specialty Care Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The staff of the SHWC coordinate off-campus appointments for students and arrange transportation if necessary. The SHWC will also provide space as available for telehealth appointments for all students.

For more specific information, please contact Administrator of the Student Health and Wellness Center Indira Rodrigo.

Meeting with a school counselor does not mean there is anything wrong with you. It takes courage to advocate for your needs. There is no one reason why you would seek support, but some examples could be:

• Homesickness
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Sadness or feelings of depression
• Bullying
• Relationship issues with friends, significant others, and/or family
• Substance use support
• LGBTQIA+ support

At the Counseling Center, you can make an appointment with our school counselors, or we can provide support to find an outside provider that meets your emotional needs.

Our Counseling Center

Are counseling services confidential?

Yes! A school counselor is bound to strict confidentiality. A guardian would only need to be informed if you were at risk of harming yourself, harming others, or in instances of abuse.

What if I need additional support outside of provided counseling?

A school counselor will work with you to find an outside provider that meets your emotional needs. That might be professional therapist, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist. It can be hard knowing where to start, but you will have support along your way to wellness.

What if I already have a mental health provider?

  • If you see your therapist virtually, you can reserve a room in the SHWC where you will have a quiet, confidential space.
  • The Counseling Department can work with your mental health provider to support your needs and treatment goals at school.