Meet Our Teachers

The George School Children’s Center faculty is dedicated to helping very young learners grow and explore their world and themselves. Our teachers, many of whom have taught at the center for a long time, share a passion for working with young children and, thanks to a low student-teacher ratio, develop close bonds with and a keen understanding of each youngster in their care.

We invite you to come for an admission tour so you can meet these caring individuals in person and see if they are the right teachers, mentors, guides, coaches, and inspiration for your child.

Pamela McCullough
Director of Children’s Center
BS Millersville University of Pennsylvania
MS Cairn University
PhD Capella University

“I have formed lifelong relationships with many of my students. There is no better experience than bumping into a young adult who smiles and greets me by name. While I stand there trying to figure out who they are, they start regaling me with stories of our experiences together—turning over rocks and finding bugs, following animal tracks in the snowy field, rolling down the hill, collecting sticks, balancing on a fallen tree, or simply sitting together reading a book. These brief interludes often end with a hug, and I leave knowing I have had the privilege of touching a child’s life forever.”

Linda Caldwell
Pre-K Assistant Teacher
Preschool Child Development Associate Credential

“Having worked in childcare for 39 years, including owning and operating a small family-run daycare, I chose George School because of its friendly environment and the love shown to the children here. I especially enjoy watching the excitement in a child’s face when they learn something new and believe that children learn best when they are learning through play.”

Cynthia Hainsworth
Young Toddler Assistant Teacher
Preschool Child Development Associate Credential

“Working at the George School Children’s Center is wonderful. Since I assist in all four classrooms, I enjoy getting to know all the children, helping them to learn, and watching them grow throughout the year. The beautiful campus offers many opportunities for the children to explore and play.”


Taylor Johnson
Young Toddler Lead Teacher
AA Bucks County Community College

“I always knew I wanted to work with kids and coming to the George School Children’s Center was like coming home, a place where colleagues and families make you feel welcome and appreciated. GSCC is a very hands-on environment. I look forward to learning and growing with the children each and every day.”


Susy Lake
Young Toddler Assistant Teacher
Infant Toddler Child Development Associate Credential
Preschool Child Development Credential

“Since high school, I have had a passion for working with young children. When I came to the children’s center, I started as a Pre-K teacher but returned to teach young toddlers after having my own children. Over the years, I’ve seen numerous infants later stroll by as high school students. I admire how the center encourages hands-on learning, rather than sitting at a table with worksheets, and look forward to watching each child’s excitement when they achieve something and proudly show you.”

Stephanie Nutter
Infant Lead Teacher
AA Bucks County Community College

“Being part of a program that allows children to lead their learning on a campus full of opportunities for exploration is part of the reason I came back to the Children’s Center. In my twenty-two years of teaching in early childhood settings, there is no other program that embraces the whole child on a campus where they can connect with nature.”


Sherri Schechner
Infant Assistant Teacher
BA Kean College of New Jersey

“The GSCC represents quality learning, support, and a diverse community. In my 20-plus years of early childhood instruction, I have taught preschool and all-day kindergarten. Now I am enjoying the different challenges of working in the infant room, where I get to be a part of children’s first milestones and help nurture, guide, and LOVE them.”


Moriah Tamburello
Pre-K Assistant Teacher
Preschool Child Development Associate Credential

“I want to have a positive impact on young lives, and GSCC is one of the best environments to do so. It has not only allowed me to help enrich children’s lives, but has also enriched my own with new experiences, knowledge, and friendships.”


Karen Varian
Older Toddler Assistant Teacher
Infant Toddler Child Development Associate Credential

“Being part of the George School community has been a wonderful journey. Playing with and teaching many exciting young children (and their families) and working alongside my co-workers has made it a fun learning experience. I look forward to our morning walks when we can witness each season on our beautiful campus—and see the horses.”


Susan Wisniewski
Infant Assistant Teacher
BFA Pratt Institute, Infant Toddler Child Development Associate Credential

“A lifelong Bucks County resident, visual artist, and author, I, like Picasso, believe that all children are artists, and I love nurturing a child’s artistic impulse. I have worked with children of all age-groups at the center and am inspired by my wonderful co-workers along with the children every day. We are truly a happy, healthy family. The standards of the GSCC are top-notch, and I am proud to be a small part of the early education and development of each child trusted to my care.”

Patty Yost
Older Toddler Lead Teacher
AA Harcum Junior College of Pennsylvania
BS West Chester University

“Each day at the children’s center, we explore the campus and all of its changes, which provides a learning opportunity for adults and children alike. Appreciating nature and its beauty is a great part of our curriculum. How we love to find a butterfly or pick beans in the garden! I enjoy sharing in the awe with children, families, and other George School staff.”