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Welcome to life as a George School student!

George School is where you are, even in these times of social distancing and virtual gatherings. In addition to joining a tremendous community of fellow leaders and learners, you are about to embark on a journey that will both challenge and inspire you—during your time here, and for the rest of your life.

At George School, you will invent yourself. And reinvent yourself. You’ll join intriguing clubs (or even start one.) Have adventures on the weekends. And learn to live in a dorm with roommates. You’ll do all of this in a lovely place with cherry trees, robotics classes, and live music.

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Friends and Fun

Of course, life at George School isn’t all about ​school. ​ From a weekend of exploring your hobbies with a ​campus club or organization​ to challenging your physical and mental limits alongside new friends through our ​athletics program​, your George School experience is what ​you make of it.

Life at George School

A world of arts, athletics, and new friends awaits you.

Residential Life

Okay, campus is beautiful—but what about ​your ​ space?

Life in a George School dorm is a lot of things: It’s a taste of independence with the safety net of dorm teachers and prefects. It’s late-night debates about Salinger vs. Shakespeare, pizza vs. sushi, and the meaning of life. Take a peek inside and discover the ways that you’ll push yourself personally and academically by living and learning surrounded by peers.

Quakerism at George School

If you and your family are not familiar with Quakerism, you may be wondering what we mean when we say we are a Quaker school. Above all, parents and students choose George School because of the core Quaker values we instill in our students.

We invite you to learn a little bit more about our worldview—and to bust some myths along the way.

Quaker Myths—Busted

Get a quick overview of Quakerism and its role at George School