A Click Away: Among Friends

Among Friends: An Original Review, a Musical Theater production, was performed at George School in May 1984 on Alumni Weekend. One of the many student-written musicals of the 1980s, Among Friends was a collaboration among Daniel Blinkoff ’84, David Klement ’84, and James Prosser ’85. The show included twenty-four scenes.

Welcome Madrigal, written by Jeffrey Chasen and David Klement

Among Friends, written by James Prosser

Good Morning, written by James Prosser
Julie: Julie Kiel, Margo: Margo Peckham, Rip: Michael Zack
Karen Calloway, Dana Dickson, Maureen Kushmore, Rachel O’Connell, Kimberly Martin-Cotten, Caitlyn Frost, Amanda Joel, Tanya Wright

George School Blues, written by Daniel Blinkoff
Ennis Cosby

First Arrangement, written by James Prosser
Teacher: John Crocker with Lara Bowen, Allison Mauldin, Alison Mitchell, Vickie Morley, Wendy Gonaver, Kimberly Spehrley, Debra Soulliard, Joseph Rogers, Aron Sexton, Marshall Whinney

Hey, Hey, Hey – enough of your restless chatter
No one talks when I’m up here
Trying to make it loud and clear

Mr. and Mrs. Invincible, written by David Klement
Mollie Leiser, David Klement

It’s Indifficult, written by Eric Rongley and James Prosser
Amy Paradine

Meeting for Worship, written by Daniel Blinkoff
Daniel Blinkoff with Ellen Meranze, Hilary Hoerr, Michael Groch

On Shift, written by Jeffrey Chasen, David Klement, and James Prosser
Andrew Bourns, Bruce Bard, David Klement, Benjamin Fiore-Walker, Maryam Salim, Charlotte Huestis, Linda LaRosa, Maria Etzrodt, Marjorie Walker, Alexandra Warren, Hilary Hoerr, Erica Herz

Blue Skies, written by Daniel Blinkoff and James Prosser
Amy Paradine, Daniel Blinkoff

South Lawn Losers, written by James Prosser
Teacher: Deborah Cadwallader
David Eldridge, Benjamin Kimmel, Daniel Blinkoff, Hazel Landwehr, Edgar Landwehr, Laura Lichstein, Meredith Pugh, Mollie Leiser

When I look straight out across the green
They’re a lot of bodies to be seen
And I think what can being out there mean at all
It seems to me it’s a waste of time
To sit out there and waste your mind

Empty Fog / Murder Among Friends, written by James Prosser and Daniel Blinkoff

Playing It Loud, written by James Prosser
Edgar Landwehr with Philip Atherton, Dana Bernbach, Kathryn Bruton, Eleanor Emerson, Katherine Fabian, Adrienne Foster, Sarah Kearns, Morrigan Flynn, Sarah Kunhardt, Jennifer Schmitt, Meredith Hartwell, Hilary Kalb, Jacqueline Leabman, Laurie Liversidge, Mottly Sexton, Sydney Briggs, Alecia Cosmos, Sophia Jackson, Eric Rongley, Karen Berger, Elizabeth Brown, Linda Krauter, Kathleen McHugh, Beatrice Wong, Lisa Allison, Phillip Caputo, Andrew Dodge, Elizabeth Edwards, Kathryn Hoffman, R. Kevin Khodadad, Francesca Kule, Emily Larson, Caroline Nakayama, John Crocker, Linda LaRosa, David Eldridge, Hilary Hoerr, Hazel Landwehr, Stephanie Polack, Jennifer Smith

Lonely Senior Woman, written by James Prosser and David Klement
Adona Butler

Oh women who crave a mate
Be careful before it’s too late
Have pity if you can
I am a lonely woman

Staring Away, written by David Klement
David Klement

BOMC (Big Men on Campus), written by James Prosser
Aron Sexton, Marshall Whinney, Benjamin Kimmel, Ennis Cosby, Kenneth Tate

Big men on Campus
A not exclusive group
You really need few talents
To fool the nincompoops

Mystic Masquerade, written by Daniel Blinkoff.
Heather Hotchkiss and Daniel Blinkoff with Sara Scudder, Erica Knappe, Cynthia Good, Robin Smith, Greta Simon, Elizabeth Marshall, Pollie Minehart, Denise McLaughlin, Jenifer Snyder

One Shining Moment, written by James Prosser
Harriet Breer, James Prosser

After the laughter and after the tears
We’ve captured some memories that will last us for years
We cherish the magic with every moment we spend
But what we’ve created does not have to end.

Please Let Me Stay, written by Daniel Blinkoff
Joseph Rogers

Staying In Tune, written by James Prosser and Jeffrey Chasen
The Orchestra

One Bright Morning, written by James Prosser
James Prosser

George School Hymn, written by Robert Steele
The Company

One Shining Moment (Reprise), written by James Prosser
The Company

Among Friends (Reprise), written by James Prosser
The Company

Orchestra Members
Violins: David Klement, Kyong Lee, Heather Hubbart, Ari Solow, Jennifer McKay
Viola: Sheena Wright, Jennifer Paine
Cello: Jody Kipper, Tara Chambers
String Bass: Natalie Barlow
Oboe: Tressa Johnson
Flutes: Hannah Galantino, Nancy Waye, Tara Kenton, Catherine Leiser, Justin Soli, Susannah Kelly
Clariner: Kristen Spehrly
Basson: Kimberly Hoover
Trombone: Jeffrey Chasen
Guitar: Paul Ciosek, Heather Hotchkiss
Trumpets: Joan Dessalet, Stuart Klien, Arthur Arena, Lane Moskoff
Percussion: Jeffrey Cohen, Brett Morrison
Piano: Daniel Blinkoff, David Klement, James Prosser

Production Crew
Stage Manager: Margaret Gillan
Crew: Christa Escher, Patricia Fingerhoff, Todd Hjelt, Ellen Kirson, Andrew Levy, Andrew Nagel, Peter Siegel, Mark Stinson, Tracey Wetzel, Mark Wilson, Jose Zakany
Assistants: Paul Adams, Norman deGreve, Malcolm Fleschner, Leonard Jenkins, Daniel Little, Nina Liu, Alexandra Luke, Claudia Melendez, Eric Newman, Francis Purcell, Barron Rosen, Edward Seeger, Catherine Stearns, Jonathan Turner

Music and Lyrics: Daniel Blinkoff, Adona Butler, Jeffrey Chasen, Caitlyn Frost, David Klement, Edgar Landwehr, James Prosser
Choreography: Karen Callaway Williams
Technical Coordination: Gretchen Hampt

Publicity and Programs: Megan DuBois, Tamis Nordling, David Cheskis, Harold Buck
Program: Courtesy of Barbie Gale
Videotaping: Courtesy of Sarah Leiser
Video Editing: Courtesy of Scott Hoskins

Faculty Advisors: Hank Hackett, Pamela Grumbach, Heather Hoerle, Dorothy Hopkins, Scott Hoskins, Sarah Leiser, Paul Machemer, Michael Sherrin