Artist's Statement: Amedeo Salamoni

I make pottery because I love the process of its creation. I pay close attention during each part of the process in an effort to make vessels that are thoughtfully considered.

This series of slab-built plates are a deviation from my usual wheel thrown vessels. They deal with form, space, volume, and texture. I have become very interested in landscapes recently and these slab-built plates are like blank canvases waiting for the artist to paint. Unlike the painter, I use the process of wood firing to create a chance element in my finished work, the nuances of the flame, the drips of ash, happy mistakes, all this contributes to the surface variations that are achieved.

In the fall of 2006, I began experimenting with a local clay from Perryville, Maryland. I usually leave the clay in its unrefined state, leaving in all the impurities, rocks, and organic materials. The result is a dense stoneware body that is full of charter due to the impure nature of the unrefined clays. Since then, I have dug and used clays from various other sites across the country, from clay dug from the bay in Milbridge Maine, and most recently from Speedwell Forge lake in Lancaster county Pennsylvania.

Works by Amedeo Salamoni

"Cessation," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Argopecten," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
Blue Sun
"Blue Sun," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
Brindle Drips
"Brindle Drips," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
CraterLake copy
"Crater Lake," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Fluted Sushi Plate," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Foaming Wave," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Petal Bowl," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Ritulated," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
Rutile Basin
"Ritule Basin," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Sushi Plate 1," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
"Sushi Plate 2," Artist: Amedeo Salamoni
Amedeo Salamoni In a Kiln