IB Program This Week: May 24, 2023

IB exams for the May 2023 session have officially concluded! Congratulations to all the IB candidates, both Course and Diploma, who worked very hard to prepare for and test in their subjects!

– IB results will be released on Thursday, July 6. Students may find their results by going to http://candidates.ibo.org. They will need their personal code and pin, which can currently be found on the exam registration page on the Portal. Students have been instructed to record this information as they may not have access to this page in July. Note that this information is personal to the student and should not be shared with anyone else.

– Seniors must update College Counseling with their college selection. The IB Coordinator will automatically send IB results for all seniors to their college selection based on the list of college matriculations maintained by College Counseling. If a student does not want these results sent, they must notify the IB Coordinator in writing by no later than Wednesday, May 24. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to check with the College Registrar to ensure that IB results have been received and credited (if applicable).

– Students must make sure that George Schools has an accurate current address on file to which the IB Diploma may be sent.

– A final celebratory gathering for the Class of 2023 Senior IBDP cohort was held on Friday, May 19. At this event with administrators, students enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, cookies, soda, and reflected on the past two years of hard work, challenges, and many successes. Congratulations again to our amazing Class of 2023 Senior IBDP Candidates–we wish you well as you await your results!

International Baccalaureate

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• The Extended Essay Revisions were submitted on Monday, May 8 and students should be meeting with their EE Supervisors to hold their Viva Voces and submit Reflection #3 due by no later than Friday, June 2. Students who have been contacted by Carly Wassel (EE Coordinator) must respond immediately.

•   Students must be particularly attentive to academic honesty concerns and concentrate on appropriate citations and attribution. Lack of attention to academic honesty policies and guidelines can jeopardize attainment of the IB Diploma.


•  Students have finalized official submissions of CAS work for DP1. They are continuing to engage in CAS experiences for the rest of the year and are planning for the summer and DP2.


•    Students are concluding the TOK work for DP1.

•   Students in the TOK: Exhibition mods are working on this IB assessment. A TOK exhibition is being held on Wednesday, May 31 from 6:00-7:00 pm in Main Lobby. All are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Meetings

The next required meeting, “Concluding DP1,” is on Wednesday, May 24.  All IBDP meetings are posted to students’ Canvas IB tiles and to the George School calendar.



•   All students have completed their essays.


•   All CAS work has been completed and students are in the process of meeting Kim McGlynn (IB Coordinator) for their third and final CAS interaction, a one-on-one meeting to review their final CAS portfolio. Students must conclude this meeting, which certifies completion of the CAS Portfolio, by Wednesday, May 24. CAS is a core component which must be satisfied to earn the IB Diploma.


•  All students have completed their TOK Exhibitions and TOK Essays.

Contact IB Coordinator Kim McGlynn at ibcoordinator@georgeschool.org with any questions.