IB Program This Week

September 13, 2022


IB results for the May 2022 session were released back in July and we are proud to announce spectacular results, which maintain our standing as one of the top performing IB schools with an excellent diploma success rate. We look forward to this year’s upcoming exams!

Students enrolled in IB courses are required to take IB exams. Junior and Senior IB Diploma Candidates have been registered for their subject exams. For Junior and Senior IB Course Candidates (students that are taking individual IB courses but are not full diploma candidates), registration will begin in the next few weeks and Val Fusco (Registrar), Kim McGlynn (IB Coordinator), and their IB teacher(s) will be in communication about the registration process. The cost for each subject exam is $119 and the deadline for registration is November 1 after which there are no refunds and any changes will incur additional costs.

Students with learning accommodations must communicate with Minnie Lee (Director of the Learning Center) and Kim McGlynn. Please note that IB will not guarantee the same accommodations offered by George School. All paperwork on learning differences and the request for inclusive access learning accommodations must be submitted to IB by October 1.


Welcome all IB Diploma Program (IBDP) Candidates to the 2022-2023 academic year!

This week, Kim McGlynn (IB Coordinator) and Sam Houser (Head of School)—met with the Senior IBDP Candidates to encourage students as they set forth on the last year of this IBDP journey, to share recent successes (and cookies), and to discuss upcoming work for DP2. It was wonderful to acknowledge such a hardworking cohort and to see everyone come together at the start of the year. Additionally, in the upcoming weeks, all senior IBDP candidates will meet individually with Kim for a formal check-in and to ensure appropriate progress with IB core requirements. All IBDP meetings are posted to students’ Canvas IB tiles and to the George School calendar.

Junior IBDP Candidates are working hard in the “IB Core: Inquiry course” to gain foundational knowledge about the requirements of the IB Program and to build student skills necessary for the program. They are also off to a great start in Stage 1 of the Extended Essay (EE) process, thinking carefully about the group, subject, and topic they wish to write on for this major IB core component.


In the first week of the “IB Core: Inquiry Course,” DP1 candidates were introduced to the IB Core—Extended Essay (EE), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). Students have now begun work on these requirements.

EXTENDED ESSAY (EE)—The EE is not a formal part of any subject course beyond these first five weeks in “IB Core: Inquiry” and is written independently. However, Carly Wassel (EE Coordinator) works closely with students to ensure that they have ample support throughout this process, including a clear infrastructure of steps and deadlines to ensure successful completion of this major research essay. In addition to Carly, students will work closely with an EE Supervisor of their choice. The first task for work on their EE is to select an EE Supervisor and to confirm this with Carly by Wednesday, September 21. After this, students will submit a “Submission of Intent” form, indicating the intended group, subject, and topic for their EE.

CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY, SERVICE (CAS)—Students were introduced to CAS requirements, which are fulfilled as a natural part of being a GS student. Together as a class, we have already engaged in some group CAS work together. Arrangement 3 chose the Activity strand and organized a community kickball game, while Arrangement 4 focused on the Service and Creativity strands to create welcome cards for new faculty/staff. Students also worked on their CAS reflections, which confirm and celebrate this “work” outside of the classroom, and they all submitted their first CAS check last week.

THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE (TOK)—Students were introduced to the TOK requirement and engaged in some initial TOK thinking exercises. They will begin their formal exploration of TOK concepts later in the year.

The next required Junior IBDP meeting, “EE Subject Guides,” is on Wednesday, September 28. All IBDP meetings are posted to students’ Canvas IB tiles and to the George School calendar.


EXTENDED ESSAY (EE)—All students have completed their essays.

CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY, SERVICE (CAS)—Students must continue to complete and document their CAS work throughout the year. Adherence to deadlines, proper submission of reflections, and maintenance of their CAS portfolios is crucial. The first CAS check of the year is due Wednesday, September 21 and students have been reminded to contact Kim to confirm their CAS Project plans.

THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE (TOK)—Students are beginning formal study of TOK through coursework, including preparation for the TOK essay and TOK exhibition.

There was a required IBDP meeting for the full cohort, “Registration and the Year Ahead,” on Monday, September 12. The next required meeting, “IB Policies and IB Core,” is on Monday, September 26. All IBDP meetings are posted to students’ Canvas IB tiles and to the George School calendar.


International Baccalaureate at George School

Read more details about the IB Program at the official IB website.

Contact IB Coordinator Kim McGlynn at ibcoordinator@georgeschool.org with any questions.