A Reimagined Academic Program

The new vision of our academic program for 2022-2023 began with a query: How can we facilitate deeper, more durable, more forward-looking, and more individualized learning and better help our students to—as it says in our mission—“let their lives speak?” The answer came not merely in revising our curriculum and calendar, but in reimagining them.

The new George School signature academic program is rooted in ongoing research on how people learn, our understanding of the student experience, and the vision articulated in our most recent strategic plan, which calls for a curriculum characterized by informed creativity and engaged citizenship. Offering more choices and more meaningful experiences, our academic program will be customizable to each student.



Sample Year Schedules

Explore sample year schedules for 2022-2023.

George School Signature Academic Program

The new George School Signature Academic Program is characterized by informed creativity and engaged citizenship and will be customizable to each student.

New Curricular Choices

Faculty are working hard to design new and revise existing courses and to fit them all together seamlessly. George School remains committed to the IB program and to those who choose other options. The first part of this work will be completed by January 2022, in time for students to choose courses for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The 7-Term Calendar

One innovation making this possible is a modular 7-Term calendar that begins in the 2022-2023 academic year. From late August to early June, the approximately 5-week terms will each include 4 modules or “mods.” Students can chart their own path by deciding how to use their mods—for classes, other experiences, and the downtime so necessary for well-being.

For more details on the new 7-Term calendar and its benefits, the research and thinking behind its adoption, visit the Academic Program FAQs and check out samples of what student schedules might look like.

We are eager to see the ways that our curious, creative, and diverse students take advantage of the new academic program to let their lives speak.