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AP Exams Update

Due to the restrictions that Covid-19 has placed on our community, we have made an informed decision to choose Testing Administration #2, (Tuesday, May 18 – Friday, May 28). All exams offered digitally during this administration will be taken at home, or in dorm rooms, digitally. We may be able to offer on-campus spaces for digital exams upon request, but we cannot guarantee this. Exams with only a paper option during Administration #2 will test in-person on campus. Here is a PDF of the testing schedule for Administration #2.

  • Digital exams: English Literature, Computer Science A, U.S History, Macro, U.S. Gov. and Politics, World History, Psychology, English Language, Bio, Environmental, Human Geography, Micro
  • Paper exams: Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin, Calc AB, Calc BC, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics E&M, Chemistry, Statistics

If a student plans on remaining a distance learner after spring break and cannot test on campus, they will need to contact Testing Coordinator Chelsie Tuttle at ctuttle@georgeschool.org with a request to test digitally (when possible) during Administration #3. We will not approve requests to test in Administration #3 if the student is only seeking more time. There is no digital option for languages. Distance learners who cannot come to campus, (with a negative COVID Test), will be instructed to search for a local testing center, or they may cancel without paying a cancelation fee.

If a student scheduled for a digital exam during Administration #2 would like to take a paper exam in the earlier Administration #1, they should have a consultation with their teacher before reaching out to Chelsie.

Students should contact Chelsie directly at ctuttle@georgeschool.org with any questions regarding testing administrations.


George School provides a variety of services for students to simplify their on-campus purchases at the school store and snack bar (Bettye’s Place), for off-campus activities such as movies and shopping, for travel to and from home, or for weekend activities. We encourage students to minimize the amount of cash they carry with them or keep in their dorm rooms.

Charge accounts are available to all students at the George School Store and Bettye’s Place. Students may use their student identification cards to charge purchases of books, supplies, clothing, snacks, and incidentals on campus. These charges will be included on their regular monthly George School statement. Parents may also establish a student debit account for purchases of discretionary items such as snacks and drinks. These charges will be deducted directly from the student’s debit account. Student debit accounts can be funded via credit card or e-check with an amount of the parent’s choosing through MyKidsSpending website. MyKidsSpending can be accessed through our online portal at my.georgeschool.org.

Cash withdrawals are available for students with a debit account. Students may withdraw cash using their student identification cards up to $100.00 per day with a $300.00 weekly maximum. Students will be able to withdraw larger dollar amounts for special circumstances such as traveling home during a break period. The Student Bank is in the George School Store and is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When the George School Store is closed (evenings and weekends), students can make cash withdrawals in the Deans’ Office.

Bicycle Registration

Students must fill out this form to register their bike and receive a decal for identification.

Commencement and Senior Activities

This year’s Commencement celebration will feature virtual and in-person events as we strive to include our day, boarding, and distance learning students and families. Learn more.

Community Directory

Our community directory is available online.

Community Handbook

If you have not already acknowledged that you and your child have read the handbook, click here to do so immediately. Your child is responsible for adhering to the expectations laid out in the handbook, and it is critical that you understand these expectations clearly. If you have questions about any of the information in the handbook, please call Eric Wolarsky in the Deans’ Office at 215.579.6589. You can read the handbook here.

Contact Information

We use your email, telephone number, and home address to reach you in case of an emergency and to share the latest campus news. If you have any changes in contact information, please update the information online. Also please keep your child’s cell phone number current.

Drivers Education

Drivers education is available through Duncan School of Driving (Duncan Driving School Website) or through John’s Driving School (John’s Driving School Website). Questions? Contact Kim Hebron in the Deans’ Office at 215.579.6589.

International Student Information

At George School, we are rich in cultural diversity, and our international student program contributes to this diversity. We have students from more than thirty countries who enjoy the rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the transformative Quaker community that George School provides. Visit the International Student Information page to learn more.

Laptop Policy

Students are required to bring their own Mac or PC laptop to school. Read more about the policy here and review the Student Laptop Specifications.

Laundry for Boarding Students

There are two options for student laundry. A wash and fold service is $360 for the entire 2021-2022 school year. Students may drop off and pick up their laundry in Main Building between 6:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is helpful if students’ clothing is marked with their names. You may sign up here for this service.

The school also provides machines in the dorms for student use. New Maytag washers and dryers have been installed in the dormitories, and are equipped with SmartCard readers. Coins will no longer operate the laundry machines. Each student who wishes to use the dorm washers and dryers will receive a laundry card pre-loaded with $5.00. Value can be added to the laundry card via the Value Point Terminal, which has been installed in the basement of Marshall Center. The terminal will take bills in $5, $10, or $20 and does not have the ability to give change. If the laundry card is lost, a new card can be purchased for $10 through the Value Point Terminal. The cost for the use of both the washer and dryer is $1.50 each.

Local Accommodations and Dining

See a list of local hotels and restaurants here.

Parent FAQs

Visit the Parent FAQs page for more information.

Parents Guide: Getting Started at George School

Getting Started at George School is a handy online guide for parents to help you navigate your student’s first year on campus.

Parking for Students

Students who drive to campus need to register their car and request a parking permit. Students must park in the Fitness and Athletics Center parking lot.

Picture Day

George School’s picture day is Wednesday, October 14.

Day student pictures will be taken between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in the tent by the equestrian ring. Day students can sign up here.

Boarding student pictures will be taken on Main Porch South from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Boarding students can sign up here.

Learn more.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits will take place on Wednesday, March 31 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST. Sign-up here.

Student Health Forms

Due to the present COVID-19 Pandemic, George School has temporarily suspended the requirement of a physical examination valid between March and August of 2020 for the 2020-2021 academic year. You are required to submit a physical that is valid within a year of August 1, 2020. The Mantoux (PPD) test has to be done between March 1 and August 1, of 2020.

However, if you are participating in Fall sports, you are required to submit a physical valid within 6 months at the start of school.

For further information contact Indira Rodrigo at 215.579.6715 or email irodrigo@georgeschool.org

Textbook Rentals and Buybacks

Ordering Textbooks. Follow the link to the student textbook page in the Parent Portal to access the Follett online bookstore. Orders over $99 placed between now and August 14 will receive free ground shipping. Books must be purchased prior to the start of the school year. Contact Maddy Roepcke with any questions. Learn more.


See the Transportation page for more information.

Travel Guidelines

See the Travel Guidelines page for more information.

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