Students Recognized with 66 Philadelphia Region Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

George School students were recognized with 66 awards in the 2024 Philadelphia Region Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Students earned 11 Gold Key awards, 17 Silver Key awards, and 38 honorable mentions. Students selected for these honors are among the top student artists and writers in the greater Philadelphia area. All Gold Key pieces are considered for awards at the national level. National award winners will be announced in June.

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers has presented the awards since 1923. The organization recognizes and supports the creativity of young adults across the country, and honors student work that demonstrates originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal voice or vision–a sentiment that aligns with George School’s mission.

“These awards illuminate the dedication and commitment of our students, as well as the unwavering support of our English teachers,” said Head of the English Department Melaina Young ’93. “These works were produced in some of our writing electives as well as our IB courses. Being selected as the top high school writers in the region among over 1,500 submissions is truly an extraordinary accomplishment.”

“The work these students submitted reflects the importance of the writing process: they brainstormed, drafted, and, most importantly, revised, utilizing time outside of the classroom and guidance from trusted adults within the English department to ensure that their writing was the best it could be,” said English Teacher Chris King. “The recognition received by these students is a testament to not only their talent but their passion and perseverance. I’m grateful that George School’s English courses provide students with a space to develop both their critical and creative voices in a variety of different genres and styles from fiction to nonfiction to screenwriting. I worked with many of these winners in my classes and in the Writing Center, and I am so proud of how they have ‘let their lives speak’ through the tremendous pieces of writing they have crafted.”

“These accolades reflect the outstanding quality of our students’ work, which has been recognized by a panel of esteemed creative professionals,” shared Director of Visual Arts & Design Danielle Picard-Sheehan. “Their achievements signify excellence in originality, skill, and the development of their unique artistic voice and vision. My colleagues and I take immense pride in our students’ accomplishments.”

See the complete list of recognized students, excerpts from the Gold and Silver Key-winning writing pieces, and a gallery of selected recognized art works below. Congratulations to our student-artists!


Name Award Title Category
Anna Gluschuk ’25 Gold Key Misinterpretation in Its Most Dangerous Implication: The Significance of Tone in Kiss of the Spider Woman Personal Essay & Memoir
Beyla Khabensky ’25 Silver Key Oблака
Dramatic Script
Catherine Baptiste-Sanders ’24 Honorable Mention Home Short Story
Julia Gluschuk ’26 Honorable Mention All For You Short Story
Julia Gluschuk ’26 Honorable Mention Absolutely Unaffordable Personal Essay & Memoir
Sarah Hoang ’25 Honorable Mention  Miss Magic Science Fiction & Fantasy
Caroline Rawlings ’25 Honorable Mention Stay Calm Flash Fiction
Dallan Reimels ’25 Honorable Mention The Tarnishing of the American Dream; The Use of Dust in the Great Gatsby Critical Essay


Name Award Title Category
Celine Ge ’26 Gold Key Chaos in the Street Photography
Maggie Beck ’26 Silver Key Girl and Hand Photography
Madison DePalantino ’26 Silver Key Mom and Dad Photography
Arka Agarwal ’26 Honorable Mention big tree Photography
Joey DeFinis ’25 Honorable Mention Covered Bridge Photography
Joey DeFinis ’25 Honorable Mention Metallic Trash Photography
Shuoliang Geng ’25 Honorable Mention Dhyına Photography
Shuoliang Geng ’25 Honorable Mention Swings Photography
Shuoliang Geng ’25 Honorable Mention Clouds Photography
Anna Gluschuk ’25 Honorable Mention Girl in Context Photography
Basha Harrington ’24 Honorable Mention West Branch Skippack Creek Photography
Tracy Nguyen ’24 Honorable Mention What is Femininity? Photography
Simone Orloff ’25 Honorable Mention Tracy Photography
Natalie Ruch ’25 Honorable Mention The Wheel Photography
Fiona Wu ’26 Honorable Mention One and Only Way Photography
Fiona Wu ’26 Honorable Mention Do not block my view Photography
Sarah Zhu ’26 Honorable Mention Reflection in Colors Photography
Sarah Zhu ’26 Honorable Mention Scrutinization of Ourselves Photography
Sarah Zhu ’26 Honorable Mention Keep Up Photography
Sean Renshaw ’24 Gold Key End Table Architecture & Industrial Design
Andrew Garrett ’24 Silver Key Dark Walnut Coffee Table Architecture & Industrial Design
Sean Renshaw ’24 Silver Key Coffee Table Architecture & Industrial Design
Jingcheng Hou ’25 Gold Key Table of Power Sculpture
Neve McAllister ’24 Gold Key Creative Design for a Coffee Table Sculpture
Calvin Gibson ’24 Silver Key Walnut side table Sculpture
Jake Whent ’24 Silver Key Table Sculpture
Anna Gluschuk ’25 Honorable Mention Mother Sculpture
Axton Berry ’24 Gold Key Walnut Coffee Table Expanded Projects
Sejal Patel ’24 Silver Key Black Shell Bowl Ceramics & Glass
Nadia Fadiga ’24 Honorable Mention Geometric Study #7 Ceramics & Glass
Sejal Patel ’24 Honorable Mention Cauldron form Ceramics & Glass
Harry Whent ’26 Honorable Mention Blue smoke Ceramics & Glass
Christina Boakye ’26 Gold Key Perspective Painting & Drawing
Jules Kyle ’25 Gold Key smile Painting & Drawing
Kaitlin Lawlor ’26 Gold Key Dragon Painting & Drawing
Violet O’Hara ’25 Gold Key Ode to Taco Bell Painting & Drawing
Alina Xiai Pang ’26 Gold Key Take a Step Back Painting & Drawing
Ruby Mae Colson ’24 Silver Key Petal Painting & Drawing
Madison DePalantino ’26 Silver Key Mom and Dad Painting & Drawing
Ben Ferrenz ’26 Silver Key Life After School Painting & Drawing
Ally Fu ’24 Silver Key Reminiscence Painting & Drawing
Katarina Kenny ’24 Silver Key Charcoal Portrait Painting & Drawing
Alina Xiai Pang ’26 Silver Key Different World Painting & Drawing
Alina Xiai Pang ’26 Silver Key In and Out Painting & Drawing
Briana Zhang ’25 Silver Key On Behalf of Myself Painting & Drawing
Brandi Chesner ’25 Honorable Mention Crescent Painting & Drawing
Madison DePalantino ’26 Honorable Mention Dr. Madison Painting & Drawing
Avery Frank ’25 Honorable Mention Slack Tide Painting & Drawing
Rowan Grim ’26 Honorable Mention Acceptance Painting & Drawing
Sarah Hoang ’25 Honorable Mention The Art of Words Painting & Drawing
Shelby Nesbitt ’26 Honorable Mention Self Portrait Charcoal Painting & Drawing
Tracy Nguyen ’24 Honorable Mention What is Femininity? Painting & Drawing
Isabella Puisor ’26 Honorable Mention There is beautiful in everything Painting & Drawing
Ellie Remus ’25 Honorable Mention Fading Into You Painting & Drawing
Melanie Shao ’24 Honorable Mention My Art Portfolio Painting & Drawing
Briana Zhang ’25 Honorable Mention Besides a Sheep Painting & Drawing
Luke Linden ’25 Silver Key Open Range Graphic Design
Luke Linden ’25 Honorable Mention Voyage Graphic Design

Excerpt from Anna Gluschuk’s Gold Key-winning essay, Misinterpretation in Its Most Dangerous Implication: The Significance of Tone in Kiss of the Spider Woman:

“Power is the most persuasive rhetoric,” poet and playwriter Friedrich Schiller claims. In any relationship, whether between comrades, friends, or family members, the power dynamic varies. Each reciprocator has the power, to some degree, to influence the other’s actions and willingness to comply with their desires. Moreover, the perspectives two people have on their power can impact the relationship and each one’s willingness to engage in risky behavior. In Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman, the dialogue between cellmates Molina and Valentín refines their relationship. Throughout the novel, tonal shifts in the dialogue demonstrate the characters’ perceptions of the power dynamic between them and how it changes over time.

In the beginning, Puig’s implied tones in conversation between Molina and Valentín emphasize the characters’ similar perceptions of the initial power dynamic between them. Primarily exemplifying this concept is Molina’s establishment of himself as possessing characteristics of a stereotypical woman of the time, such as sensitivity in defending himself against Valentín. Particularly, as Molina narrates his story, Valentín impulsively claims, “Then you’re inventing half the picture” (Puig 18). Molina’s responsive declaration, “No, I’m not inventing, I swear” (18), highlights his defensive tone, which in turn complies with his immediate presentation of himself as being in the inferior position of entertainer, providing a service to Molina. Furthering the feminine association, Molina hesitates and then states, “I have to embroider a little” (18). Though “embroider” refers to embellishing the story, the act of embroidering is a stereotypical female activity. Accordingly, in their following discussion about gender imbalances, the characters explore typical masculine and feminine attributes. When Valentín commands Molina, “Don’t act like that, you’re oversensitive” (29), Valentín’s uncompassionate, harsh tone, developed by the use of negative, elicits a defensive instinct from Molina, who further asks, rhetorically, why having feminine characteristics is disadvantageous. Correspondingly, Molina’s tone here, established by his angst and defensiveness, is too whiny, emotional, and feminine for Valentín to acknowledge it as validly argumentative. Later, arguing about masculinity, Molina fiercely snaps at Valentín in resistance to his criticism, declaring, “I’d like to see how I don’t come up to your level” (62). At this point, both characters recognize the clear hierarchy that has been established.

Excerpt from Beyla Khabensky’s Silver Key-winning script, Oблака (Clouds):


The living room is dark, quiet, still. Except the TV, which is being switched from channel to channel.

In front of the TV sits a disheveled middle-aged woman POLINA (48), who has a loose track suit on, covered in stains.

Her hair is in a ponytail that has lost its shape, and pieces of hair lie scattered alongside her face.

She lazily holds the TV remote in her hand, clicking the channel button over and over and over again.

Her feet rest on a coffee table docked in front of the old velvet couch she sits on. The table is covered in mail,
magazines, unpaid bills, trash, unfinished cups of coffee and food.

Polina’s eyes are barely open – heavy – along with the permanent frown glued on her face.

After countless channel switches, Polina gives up; she tosses the TV remote on the coffee table, knocking it into random junk. She sighs, accepting to watch whatever program she landed on.

The TV is caught singing midway through the Charmin toilet paper advertisement before it switches from commercials back
to the original program.

Once it switches, the late – night sports review channel starts up.

The TV screen reads: Through the Decades: A Review of the Best Rhythmic Gymnastics Performances in History.

On the verge of falling asleep, as the HOST introduces the segment, Polina suddenly jolts up in horror.

Good, evening ladies and gentlemen. I
hope it’s not too late because I was
thinking we could breakdown some of
the best rhythmic gymnastics
performances of all time, starting

Polina shuts the TV off within an instant. The room turns pitch black.

Thump, thump, thump…

thump, thump, thump…

Polina’s heart races, growing louder and louder.

Celine Ge
Madison DePalantino
Maggie Beck
Jackson Yang
Kaitlin Lawlor
Kaitlin Lawlor
Jules Kyle
Jules Kyle
Christina Boakye
Christina Boakye
Violet O'hara (1)
Violet O'Hara
Alina Pang
Alina Xiai Pang
Ben Ferrenz
Ben Ferrenz
Briana Zhang
Briana Zhang
Ally fu
Kat Kenny
Katarina Kenny
sejal patel1
Sejal Patel
Sean Renshaw
Calvin Gibson
Neve McAllister
Jingcheng Hou
Andrew Garrett
Axton Berry
Jake Whent
Sean Renshaw
Luke Linden
Anna Gluschuk
LukeLinden'25 _VoyageHM
Luke Linden
Shelby Nesbitt
Shelby Nesbitt
Sarah Hoang (1)
Sarah Hoang
Madison DePalantino
Madison DePalantino
Rowan Grim
Rowan Grim
Isabella Puisor
Isabella Puisor
Avery Frank
Avery Frank
Brandi Chesner
Brandi Chesner
Jackson Yang
Jackson Yang
Fiona Wu
One and Only Way-FionaW
Fiona Wu
The Wheel NRuch
Natalie Ruch
What is FemininityTNguyen
Tracy Nguyen
Sarah Zhu
Sarah Zhu
Sarah Zhu
Joey DeFinis
Big Tree-ArkaA
Arka Agarwal
Joey DeFinis
Basha Harrington
Simone Orloff
Shuoliang Geng
Shuoliang Geng
Shuoliang Geng
Nadia Fadiga
Sejal Patel
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