Mission & Values

Accomplishing our goal of educating students is not simple or ordinary (at least not how we do it). For us, it’s not enough for students to acquire great knowledge about great things and be truly prepared for college. It’s not enough for them to make strides in social development, creative talent, and athletic ability.

Yes, we push our students to do all these things. But we also press them to look deep inside, to find and clarify their authentic selves, to blossom intellectually, personally, and spiritually.

Students learn about the tension between individual and community, that fairness and justice are inherently tied to each other. They learn to express themselves without trampling others, asking for what they need rather than demanding what they want.

Then, in what seems a fitting fulfillment of our mission, George School students joyously go out into the world comfortable in their self-awareness and confident that they can make the world a better, kinder place.

Our Students

For Sofia, a small school means big opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

With Quaker tradition as its touchstone and academic excellence at its core, George School seeks to develop citizen scholars cheerfully committed to openness in the pursuit of truth, to service and peace, and to the faithful stewardship of the earth. We want our students to treasure learning for its own sake and to use it to benefit a diverse world. Above all, we want them to “let their lives speak.”

George School Core Values

Transformative Teaching and Learning

Transformative relationships between teachers and students are the heart of the George School educational experience. Based upon a powerful combination of example, mutual respect, and personal commitment, these relationships support a program that is intentionally balanced between rigor and reflection, passion and compassion.

Personal Integrity

The alignment of belief and action that arises when an individual decides what is important and finds a way to be true to it is summed up in George Fox’s phrase “let your life speak.” We share a commitment to honor the Light of God in everyone, and help students develop an understanding of Quaker practices of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, service, and stewardship. Our graduates leave with a firm foundation upon which to build lives of personal integrity.

Unity in Diversity

George School is committed to being a community where people with vastly different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives are united both in their respect for the unique gifts that each brings and in pursuit of a common good. We place a high value on diversity and on the ways that our convictions, both individually and collectively, are broadened, strengthened, and enlightened when we appreciate and respect a range of perspectives.

Responsibility to Others

At George School we are grounded by a sense of responsibility to each other and to the earth we inhabit. This leads us to practice good stewardship in all of our daily actions and decisions. Stewardship recognizes that physical, financial, natural, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual resources are to be grown and sustained for the good of all and for generations to come.

George School Board of Trustees

George School is fortunate to have a dedicated board of trustees, with diverse and expert backgrounds, to oversee the administration of the school and the management of its financial and physical resources. Our trustees share a passion for George School’s mission, our core values, and for our students.

Our 2020-2021 Board of Trustees

George School is a CSEE Member

George School is a member of the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education, the leading resource for schools committed to teaching fairness, and to graduating compassionate students who have leadership skills, integrity, and a mind toward service, equity, and social justice.

For more than 120 years, CSEE has provided research-based publications, webinars, experts, and events on topics including advising, empathy, leadership, academic integrity, diversity, and service-learning.


Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education