Physical Education at George School

Physical fitness is an important part of your overall health. In terms when you are not on a team, you can choose to take one of our physical education classes, offered in a variety of individual and team activities from aerobics to yoga.

All classes meet three times a week, are coeducational, and often contain students of different ages and skill levels. Each typically includes instruction in technique, game-playing, and work on physical conditioning, flexibility, and core strength.

Thanks to our PE program and great facilities, like our state-of-the-art Fitness and Athletics Center, keeping fit has never been so fun.

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Angelo Leon ’21 Wins Mini Maxwell Award

George School Senior Angelo Leon '21 has been selected to receive the Mini Maxwell Award.  Each year, the Mini Maxwell Awards are presented to high school football players based on academics, on-field performance, and commitment to community service.

Alexis Semidey-Martinez ’21: A Scholar and an Athlete

Three years ago, Alexis Semidey-Martinez ’21 enrolled as a George School student. Since then, she has excelled in the classroom, earning Head of School and Honor Roll every term she has been at George School, and on the basketball court, where the senior Co-Captain helped the girls' varsity basketball team achieve an overall record of 27 wins and 19 losses during her time.

Developing Leadership Skills on the Fields and Courts

George School gives everyone the opportunity to experience and try anything they want, and to be a fully well-rounded student and an athlete. As a freshman, I discovered the balance between my leadership skills through my actions on the field or the court with lessons learned from watching the seniors and more experienced players on the team.

Physical Education Courses

Athletic Team Sports

Athletics are an integral part of the George School experience. George School teams play many area Quaker schools in the Friends Schools League and other local public and independent schools. Participation on a team builds community spirit by providing an ideal arena for students to learn and understand the values of cooperation, sharing, teamwork, sportsmanship, motivation, responsibility, respect, and discipline. Students learn what it means to work towards a common goal. The athletic experience is a wonderful opportunity for coaches and athletes to develop positive and rewarding relationships. George School provides numerous sports at varying levels of competition for students to find success.

Term 1 Sports
Girls: Cross Country (Varsity, JV), Field Hockey (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Soccer (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Tennis (Varsity, JV), Volleyball (Varsity, JV)

Boys: Cross Country (Varsity, JV), Football (Varsity, JV), Soccer (Varsity, JV, Freshman, Developmental)

Coed: Cheerleading (Varsity), Equestrian (Varsity, JV, Developmental)*

Term 2 Sports
Girls: Basketball (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Swimming (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Boys: Basketball (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Swimming (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Coed: Winter Cheerleading (Varsity), Wrestling (Varsity, JV)

Term 3 Sports
Girls: Lacrosse (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Softball (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Boys: Baseball (Varsity, JV), Lacrosse (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Tennis (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Coed: Equestrian (Varsity, JV, Developmental)*, Golf (Varsity)*

*additional fee

Athletic Training Aide Program

George School’s certified athletic trainer oversees all student trainers. Each student athletic training aide works with a team and is present at every practice and game, both home and away. Students become certified in CPR and AED usage. Athletic training aides receive team sport credit.

Physical Education

Frequently offered physical education courses include aerobics, basketball, golf, net sports, personal conditioning, ultimate Frisbee, and yoga. All classes are coeducational and often contain students of different ages and skill levels. Classes meet three times per week for forty-five minutes. Students are expected to attend all classes and wear appropriate athletic clothing. Each class begins with a period of physical exercise that emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and strength. Running, small games, warm-up drills, and stretching are used to help develop physical conditioning and fundamentals.

Net Sports

Students learn the basic skills and strategy of net sports such as badminton, tennis, and volleyball. Each class begins with a physical fitness period, which includes a variety of exercises that help to develop abdominal and muscular strength, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory endurance. Each sport unit ends with an intramural tournament. The goals for each individual are to develop simple ways to stay physically fit, to learn how to play each game, to develop a lifelong enjoyment for the activities, to build confidence, and to reach one’s own potential as an athlete. Students learn about teamwork, perseverance, empathy, respect for each individual, and the importance of belief in oneself as a capable athlete.

Offered in the PE Block

Recreational Sports

Each class chooses three sports to play over the course of the term. Frequently chosen sports include basketball, floor hockey, and soccer. Each student has the opportunity to improve his or her individual skill level. Following the technical work, students play games to utilize the skills that were taught. Over the course of the term students not only improve their sport ability, but increase their confidence and gain insight into how to maintain lifelong physical activity.

Offered in the PE Block

Core Strength

Students enrolled in this class utilize diaphragmatic breathing in combination with abdominal workouts and Pilates exercises to increase core strength and flexibility. Students create individual fitness goals to work toward over the course of the term. Students develop confidence in themselves as they learn about their fitness levels, physical capabilities, and the importance of remaining active over the course of their life.

Offered in the PE Block

Personal Conditioning

Students enrolled in personal conditioning improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and tone, and core strength utilizing the weight room. Individual workout routines are created in conjunction with the teacher to meet the needs of each student, allowing participants to work out at their own level.

Offered in the PE Block


Aerobics combine cardiovascular, stretching, and strength training routines in order to improve all elements of fitness. Aerobics is performed to music and led by an instructor. Participants are able to perform exercises according to their fitness levels. Specific activities vary according to student interest and have included slideboard, Pilates with theraband, step aerobics, and floor exercises.

Offered in the PE Block


Students who participate in the gardening class are responsible for watering, weeding and maintaining beds, turning the mulch pile and spreading it into the beds, picking and delivering seasonal produce, and erecting/dismantling growing structures. In addition to the anaerobic and physical benefits of the work, students learn about making healthy eating choices and increase their self-confidence.

Offered in the PE Block in Terms 1 and 3


Class begins with opening intention and reflection. This is followed by yoga postures, movements, and reflection, and closes with meditation and breathing exercises. Students who participate in the yoga class improve body awareness, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that improve coping skills in everyday life.

Offered both after school and in the PE Block.

Weight Training

Students learn the proper technique for weight training exercises using both machines and free weights. All major muscle groups are covered. Students are encouraged to set goals, and work at the rate appropriate for their ability and experience level. The opportunity to improve core strength and cardiovascular strength also exists.

Offered in the PE Block. Preference given to upperclassmen.