What Our Families Say About Us

I can honestly say that I like everything about the GSCC. The staff are amazing and genuinely care about the well-being of my children. It’s not just a job to them, they are invested in my children and my children’s development and growth. I love seeing my shy almost three-year-old run into the classroom in the morning to give her teacher a hug. When she speaks about her teachers at home she emphatically calls them her friends, and when we drop our one-year-old off, she reaches her arms out to go to her teacher. It really says more about the staff than any words ever could. The facilities are excellent—clean, organized, and the kids have access to any materials and tools they need in order to learn and grow. I absolutely love how much time the children spend outside as well. The outside play and facilities are phenomenal and I love how much time our children get to spend outside on a daily basis.


My grandkids both attend the Children’s Center nursery program. I can’t say enough about the talent and devotion of the staff. The educational program is age appropriate. My grandson tells everyone, “I love the George School! I have lots of friends to play with and we learn a lot of stuff together!”


My child has found her voice (and oh yes, she has found it). At GSCC, children are learning to use their own voices to solve problems, interact with the community and to have fun! Through this, kids learn and practice an internal locus of control, confidence, and the life skills needed to be independent learners and positive community members. At GSCC, you are surrounded by positive and experienced faculty, but you are also surrounded by other amazing families. The community of GSCC is larger than the sum of its parts.


We love the George School Children’s Center. It is our son’s home away from home, as his teachers and friends are his second “family.” Our son is always excited to spend time with his friends—they have many inside jokes, most of which us adults cannot understand—and he sometimes races us to school so that he can be the first one to see his teachers. He does not always want to leave when we pick him up in the afternoon. It is incredibly reassuring for us to know that he is in such good hands, and we are very grateful to be part of such a loving community.

—Kim and Aaron

The Center has truly been fantastic for our family. We have had two children attend with much success. At drop off time, we are always amazed at the activities already in progress—from painting, to texture tables, to music, to arts and crafts, or even activities for large motor skills. Our children have come home singing new songs and talking about new books. They have made new friends and have even learned ways to problem solve with their new friends. But most of all, they are happy and healthy and we know they are receiving the best care possible while we are at work.