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At George School our academic program lets you chart your own path—one that is as rigorous as it is customized to you. You also will be driven by challenge—of yourself, your classmates, and your own preconceptions.

The school’s curriculum gives you a solid foundation and encourages you to go further than you thought possible. At the highest levels, you can opt for courses in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs.

Check our Course Catalog for some of our amazing options.

More Than Academics

Taking learning beyond the classroom.

At George School, your learning will be driven by questions and ideas. In small, discussion-based classes, you will debate and theorize, hone critical and creative thinking, and make your voice heard while listening and collaborating with others.

Step inside our academic community, where classrooms are only the starting points for exploration.

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My Favorite Courses

My academic experiences at George School have greatly influenced my extracurricular pursuits, as well as the career paths that I plan to pursue after college.

Focus on Media Leteracy

It’s time for class! You’re invited to attend Media Literacy and Production, taught by Film teacher Scott Seradaryian ‘90 and History/IB Global Politics teacher Meredith Alford ‘01. Join Scott, Meredith and their students for a taste of what to expect in George School classes.

It's Time for Class!

Learn about our Media Literacy class and complete the assignment for a look inside our innovative curriculum.

International Baccalaureate Program

In addition to our customizable academic program, did you know that George School is one of only a few US boarding schools to offer the ​International Baccalaureate Program​? This rigorous, comprehensive curriculum teaches you about the world while it challenges you—really pushes you—in subjects as diverse as advanced film production and further math, Chinese and biology, poetry, and economics.

IB Diploma Program

Learn more about the International Baccalaureate Program at George School.

College Counseling

Our experienced and knowledgeable college counselors have all worked in selective college admission and will help you and your family navigate the ever-changing world of higher education. Alongside your one-on-one meetings with your counselor, you will attend our annual college fair, meet with college representatives in your senior year, and engage in workshops on components of the application process. Check out the Class of 2021 College Acceptances and learn more about our College Counseling program.

College Counseling

Learn more about College Counseling at George School

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