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Twelve Seniors Commit to College Athletics

Twelve student athletes in nine different sports committed to college athletics next year. The students include Abby Eisold ’20, Dixie Hurst-Blair ’20, Emma Huttemann ’20, Eva Kinnel ’20, Joe Kuman ’20, Emily Matson ’20, Sara Matson ’20, Jordan Miller ’20, Isabella Robinson-Cloete ’20, Susan Robinson-Cloete ’20, Jack Vreesywk ’20, and Walter Wagude ’20.

Film Students Shine at Bridge Film Festival

George School film students were recognized for their work in the 2020 Bridge Film Festival, an international showcase that centers on Quaker values and spotlights the work of film students at Friends Schools. Spicey Spices,...

George School Faculty Prep for Blended Instruction

While George School is planning to return to in-person learning in the fall, the faculty are still taking measures to be prepared for the possibility of a return to online/remote learning as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Director of Professional Development and Evaluation Meredith Alford ’01 put together a special professional development program for George School teachers to participate in this summer to help meet these needs.

Register Now for the Summer Open House

George School will host a Virtual Open House for prospective students and families this summer on Thursday, July 16 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. EST. A panel of students, faculty, and members of the admission team will be live on Zoom to share information about the George School curriculum and community. There will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions about student life, academics, athletics, and many other topics to the panelists throughout the event.

Support for Black@GeorgeSchool

The Black@GeorgeSchool Instagram account is an important platform. To those who have contributed to the account and found other ways to share their stories, I am thankful for your open-hearted honesty, and your care and concern that George School lives up to its ideals. I appreciate you and look forward to gathering online soon.

The Virtual Classroom: Computing and Robotics

Brian Patton and Chris Odom moved their robotics classrooms online for spring term, shipping robots, microcontrollers, motherboards, sensors, and actuators to the student and testing virtual tools for teaching including Tinkercard and EdPuzzle. “I used...

The Virtual Classroom: Filming the Waiting Game

Many of Scott’s students worked on a remote film assignment called “The Waiting Game” when the spring term turned virtual. This assignment was designed to be completed within the limited access to cast, crew, and equipment imposed by socially distanced learning. The assignment itself was to create a short film that featured three inanimate objects that are waiting for something.

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