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The Virtual Classroom: Film

Faculty and students started Term 3 this week in a virtual classroom, exploring this new learning environment together. Film teacher Scott Seraydarian ’90 began his classes with a short film (naturally) for his students.

Creating a Virtual George School

As teachers and students begin to use the school’s online classroom platform, George School is enhancing community and student support at the start of online academic programming.

Academic Innovation in the Age of Uncertainty

English teacher Avery Stern developed a new course for the 2019-2020 academic year with a George School Curricular Innovation grant. Literature and the Environment is a new approach to World Literature, the junior English class in which Avery shares with her students the natural beauty of the environment and literature’s responses to it.

Philadelphia Eagles to Install SimpleFuel Station

The Philadelphia Eagles NFL team will install a SimpleFuel station at club’s LEED-certified Lincoln Financial Field stadium, providing green hydrogen energy as part of the new sustainability partnership with PDC Machines.

We are George School

While we may not be physically together in Meeting for Worship, in assemblies, on the playing fields, in the shop, in the rituals of the dorms at night, we are still George School. While we may not have the physical closeness we had, we are emotionally connected and will remain so.

Getting Curious at the Yale Daily News

Student members of the Curious George campus newspaper staff visited the hallowed halls of the Yale Daily News in New Haven for the newspaper’s annual Journalism Symposium the weekend of February 22, 2020. The symposium...

George School Updates COVID-19 Response Plans

With many indications that COVID-19 will remain a pressing health issue and source of concern for some time, George School is taking steps to help keep our students and employees safe as well as mitigate any potential contagion throughout our greater community of families and friends.

George School Students Win Youth Media Awards

The energetic student film Love to Share by Shumpei Chosa ’19 and Frederic Perera ’21, wrapped up a successful film awards season with a first place win at the WHYY 2019 Youth Media Awards in...

Laura Kinnel Challenges Puzzlers

George School faculty routinely challenge students to puzzle out complex concepts for deep, long-lasting learning. Recently, however, a longtime math teacher (and the director of studies) has taken the role of puzzle poser even further.

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