Class of 2023 Commencement Highlights

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, George School celebrated the members of the Class of 2023 during the school’s one hundred and twenty-ninth Commencement Ceremony in the William Penn Outdoor Auditorium.

“To the class of 2023 and to your parents, guardians and families, congratulations! You made it! I know it was a group effort, and you have my respect and admiration for doing the hard work and making the many sacrifices it took to get to this day,” said Head of School Sam Houser. “Thank you to the parents, guardians and families, and to the faculty, staff and not least the trustees who make this school the special place it is. You together have helped and supported the class of 2023 so that they can be here today with us, making the first steps on the journey into the new frontiers of life’s next stages.”

Read excerpts from the Commencement speakers’ reflections and view the slideshow below.

This Campus, These People by Max Forstein ’23: “Throughout my childhood, I always heard about how special this place was from my father, and now that I’ve experienced it I can honestly say that this is the place where I finally learned how to be comfortable embracing my own identity and letting my inner light shine. It’s why I’m so excited to share this place with my brother and sister, who will be coming here in the fall. But still, I’m going to miss the memories I’ve made on this campus, with these people.”

Letter to the Class of 2023 by Rhianna Searle ’23:

“Your own company, career? Family? House? Car?
Or perhaps better, defining success
by waking up,
by doing the dishes,
by making your bed.
Maybe, holding the door.
I wish us the success
of daffodils blooming from the bulbs we plant,
of smiles from biting a sweet clementine,
of laughter that plays with your breath,
the success of saying hello
and asking how are you
and really meaning it.”

Original Narrative by Ankita Achanta ’23: “Our high school journey was unconventional, but nonetheless, George School became a safe place for us. In the midst of the world shutting down, GS provided a shelter for us to continue our education. During this time, it was really difficult to connect with others in the community. Overall, though, I can honestly say George School became a safe place and home for the class of 2023.”

137 Friends, One Home by Julian Lentchner ’23: “This may be the last time in a long time we will all be sitting together, but I know that we will always be supporting each other during the next chapters of this story. And as we begin to disperse across the world, we will still always have this place to call home. To the people who make this community go round, we forever thank you for opening your arms and providing us with a forever home.

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