Silas Kennedy ’22 Offered IB Merit Scholarship

Silas Kennedy '22

Silas Kennedy ’22 was offered an International Baccalaureate (IB) merit scholarship from George Washington University. The university automatically considers first-year applicants who are on track to graduate secondary school with an IB Diploma for the IB Scholarship. “This is an incredible honor,” said Silas. The four-year scholarship is for $13,000 annually or $52,000 in total.

Silas plans to attend George Washington University in the fall, majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Political Science and Journalism. “I am hoping that I will be able to work in the foreign service as a diplomat in the future as I would love to travel the world and work in diplomacy.”

George School IB Coordinator Kim McGlynn is thrilled for Silas. “The IB program is beautifully aligned with George School values, and it offers a wonderful intensive liberal arts experience for the 21st-century global learner, allowing students to develop skills that will serve them well in life far beyond high school or even college,” said Kim. “But Silas’ achievement is also a nice reminder of the myriad practical benefits of IB—strong transcripts for college admissions, college credit, and scholarships opportunities—many of which offer financial advantage and well-deserved recognition. So, I’m incredibly proud of Silas, as I am of all our hardworking and academically ambitious IB students.”

“To me, the scholarship means that all the work that I have done through the IB Program is already showing real results,” Silas continued. “I’m sure the benefit of experiencing college-level courses while in high school will become more apparent once I enroll and start taking college classes,” said Silas. “It is nice to see that my work is already providing me with opportunities and rewards.”

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