Angy Rushford ’22 Offered IB Merit Scholarship

Angy Rushford ’22 was offered an International Baccalaureate (IB) merit scholarship from George Washington University. The university automatically considers first-year applicants who are on track to graduate secondary school with an IB Diploma for the IB Scholarship. “I am so grateful for this opportunity,” said Angy. “This scholarship is tangible proof of the countless hours the IB cohort and I have dedicated to the diploma program.” The four-year scholarship is for 10,000 annually or $40,000 in total.

Angy plans to attend George Washington University in the fall, majoring in International Affairs. “I hope to double major in international affairs and national security. I feel more than prepared for the next four years due to the skills I have learned through the IB.”

“The GW IB scholarship is a wonderful honor for IB students, and Angy deserves this award for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to academic excellence,” said George School IB Coordinator Kim McGlynn. “Like all our IB students, Angy has not shied from the challenges of this academically rigorous program and I know the skills that she has developed will benefit her far into the future.”

Kim is ecstatic that two senior IBDP candidates, Silas Kennedy ’22 and Angy, have won this prestigious and financially significant IB award. “This recognition is a great testament to these two students and a great credit to all our hardworking IB faculty. I’m proud of our IB program, and I’m very proud of Silas and Angy,” said Kim.

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