The first mod of this course is a common mod with IB SL Math: Analysis (MAT637Y) and IB HL Math: Application (MAT627Z). In this mod, students learn to differentiate polynomials, the sine and cosine functions, the exponential function, and the natural log function, and work with both definite and indefinite integrals of these derivatives. Applications to function analysis, optimization, kinematics, and areas between curves are considered.

In preparation for college-level calculus (including AP Calculus), the second and third mod of this course considers limits in substantially more depth, including the limit definition of the derivative, and rectangle and trapezoid approximations to the area under a curve. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is introduced, and derivatives (and associated integrals) of the other four trig functions, exponential functions of bases other than e, and some inverse trig functions are studied. Further applications include volumes, related rates, accumulation in various contexts, and probability functions.

Students may take the first mod of this course after completing the first 2 mods of Precalculus. Enrollment in subsequent mods requires completing the third mod of Precalculus. Students who have taken all three Precalculus mods but do not meet the grade prerequisite may enroll if they first earn a B- or better in Intro to Calculus.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0