IB SL Math: Applications

The IB SL Mathematics Applications course aims to help students understand the world through a mathematical lens. This two-year course of study focuses on mathematical applications, with particular emphasis on the meaning of mathematics in context. The focus is on topics that are often used in applied situations or mathematical modelling. Topics studied include number and algebra; functions; geometry and trigonometry; statistics and probability; calculus. As their IB Internal Assessment, students complete a project–including a formal paper—usually with a statistical focus. A capacity for independent work is important to a student’s success.

This course consists of six mods, the first of which is Applied Functions (MAT310D). The next two mods, Intro to Calculus (MAT400A) and Accelerated Statistics (MAT511A), may be taken in either order. At least one of these two must be taken in 11th grade. The final three mods are unique to this course, and the first of these may be taken in either 11th or 12th grade. The final two mods must be taken in 12th grade.

Students who have already taken Intensive Algebra 2 or Math 4 (MAT140A) do not need the Applied Functions mod. Students who have already taken AP Statistics do not need MAT511A.

Students who enroll in this course must sit for the IB exam.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 4.0-6.0