Danielle Picard-Sheehan Honored with the Creativity Award

Danielle Picard-Sheehan, director of visual arts and design, received the Creativity Award at the 2023 Phillips’ Mill Photographic Exhibition in New Hope, PA. The exhibition is one of the premier photographic exhibitions in the region, featuring works from over 100 artists.

“For as long as I can remember, I have collected photographs. Some are formal daguerreotypes and tin types that I display in my home. Others are printed on paper that range in size and color depending on their age. Most of these images are found photographs of people unknown to me, while others are of family members that have been passed down to me,” writes Danielle in her statement of purpose. “Themes of family have been central to my work since I became an artist. Many of my images from early in my career were about the loss of my father and how my family endured that loss. As I became a mother, my work focused on my children in a series of wet plate images that conveyed innocence and foreshadowing. This series weaves collected images into my own personal narratives. While some of these images touch on themes of loss and transcendence, they all explore the dichotomy that complex relationships, real and perceived, bring to these subjects.”

Danielle’s award-winning photos, “Lost,” “Fleeting Moments,” and “Waiting,” are on view Sunday, April 2–Friday, April 21 at Phillips’ Mill in New Hope, PA.


Phillips'Mill3Mem copy
"Waiting," Danielle Picard-Sheehan
Phillips'MillCouple copy
"Fleeting Moments," Danielle Picard-Sheehan
PhillipsMill2Man copy
"Lost," Danielle Picard-Sheehan
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